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Carnival of the Force!

[Has been updated many times, new links added this morning, just scroll to the bottom. And please, nobody leave any spoilers, reviews or opinions about how much the movie sucked in the comments!]


Aside from my own geek blogging, there are a TON of bloggers out there joining me in having a raging Star Wars hard on this week. To put it bluntly.

I'm going to try to track down all the posts I can find. If you have written on SW in the past week or so (or know someone who did), leave a link in the comments and then I'll add it to the post as soon as I can. My only rule is that I won't post links to anyone discussing Star Wars and today's politics, anyone comparing the movie to the war in Iraq or anyone who thinks we should boycott the movie because Lucas doesn't like Bush. I don't care.

Also note that I will be collecting blogger reviews of RotS as soon as they start coming in. Please email any review links to me as soon as you read them!

This list will keep growing, so keep checking back.

  • Robyn is looking for some special powers
  • This guy seems to be blogging all the movie tie-ins.
  • McGehee has some Redneck Jedi for you
  • Like me, Zombyboy doesn't want to hear about bad acting or writing. He just wants to enjoy.
  • Pro Cynic has the Nitpickers Guide to Star Wars. Start up top and scroll down.
  • Side Salad has a bunch of good links, including...
  • Solonor has a bunch of geeky stuff, just scroll down


  • Ed Driscoll's (self described) cynical review is here.
  • This is what you call a succint review.


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I have a combination of Star Wars geekiness and Gretchen Wilson admiration (yeah, that's what I'll call it) here.

Well I aint never Been the Dark Lord type
I wont shoot lightning from my fingers
Id rather be gentle and nice

That was damn funny, McGehee.

Michele: I thought you might get a kick out of a little something I call Revenge of the Pith. :)

Star Wars Photoshops:


My contribution, pointing to a great stop-animation spoof of star wars online

link here

I've been posting the "nits" I found in all the Star Wars movies, similar to Phil Farrand's Nitpicker's Guide to Star Trek. Been doing one movie a day all week until "Revenge of the Sith is released. Check it out and see if you agree with what I found or if I missed any.

Here's my critique of all the critics who claim the movie is an allogory for Pres. George W. Bush and the War on Terrorism: http://united-states-of-earth.com/article.asp?MenuID=3570

Some of you people don't follow instructions very well.

Star Wars Cereal Blogging. "That's no yellow moon, orange star, or green clover. It's a space station."

I wrote a little something at www.breakingthings.blogspot.com

here's my star wars post:

title: George Lucas apparently worked for the Dark Side all along. Who knew? His Star Wars movies (except for the first 2) all still suck.

permalink: http://nikita_demosthenes.blogspot.com/2005_05_15_nikita_demosthenes_archive.html#111631948057520203

main URL: http://www.nikita_demosthenes.blogspot.com/


-nikita demosthenes

What part of "no politics" did you not understand?

hmmm. no politics. back to the drawing board...

over in nyc's union square - you have this:

Oops, I didn't see the warning about no politics. My bad.

I will leave all the politics links in the comments here, though, so feel free to post away here.

I wrote a post about Joe Campbell, Lucas, Tolkien and the supposedly spiritual journey behind the epic here.

Thanks for the link, Michelle. Here are a couple of oldies but goodies.

Luke Skywalker: a one man play performed by Cletis

The Pussification of the Star Wars Jedi

I posted a blog entry about Lucas-bashing yesterday.


My family was one of the few lucky ones to see the new movie at a premiere on Friday, the 13th.
It is superb!! I posted a pic of us and my daughter posted a bunch of pics. Mark Hamill was there and we got his pic & autograph, also posted. My daughter's movie review is absolutely spoiler free.
visit my blog then visit hers at:

Star Wars misinterpretations and its relation to U.S. politics here.

Totally apolitical Star Wars mini-post over here...

Ridiculously sentimental stuff over at my place.

Here, on how Lucas seems more interested in building the ultimate fanboy fantasy rather than being concerned with anything like, well, plausibility.

If that's not enough, I could say it's about sex. 'Cause it is.

First post in a series. The rest won't be about sex, though.

[comment deleted by pissed off admin. don't do that again, lawson]

I'm tired and it's early/late and I just got home from seeing the movie I've been waiting years for! Anyways - somebodys probably already posted this link, so forgive me if they have - http://darthside.blogspot.com/

Skirting the edge of Michelle's rule:

How could Star Wars pretentiously suck even more?

How about the West Wing of the Death Star

WARNING: there is a gratuitous "CJ Craig" as a wookie shot. not necessarily safe for work.

My immediate post-midnight completely apolitical reaction is up here on my humble blog.

It did not suck, which was enough for me.

Ok, I posted this in the comments above, because I didn't see this post right here below it. I'll repost here, in the hopes that you see it sooner.

A large group of friends and I watched all 6 movies, in order of release. I also made the chili. I live blog both <a href="http://www.zigguratofdoom.com/index.php?p=329"?here

I have a quick review of my thoughts after the movie. It's spoiler free, and I still agree with what I wrote last night.

Is this carnival of the force or revenge of the reviewers? I'll let you decide.


There is a very long and unhappy review by my blogmate here. He liked all five previous movies, but can't stand this one. Warning, SPOILERS!


Is this carnival of the force or revenge of the reviewers? I'll let you decide.

So what your post is saying is that the SMART bloggers aren't really writing much about SW. Which would mean the people like myself who are obsessing about it are....what exactly?

I linked to an article in my post. The aritcle was warning about what might scare younger viewers while watching Revenge of the Sith.

Here's the link to my post: http://huh-what.blogspot.com/2005/05/me-get-bery-scared.html

End of Star Wars and Star Trek Causes Nerd Population Explosion

WASHINGTON D.C. (PoopyCaca.com) As "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith," the final film in George Lucas' prequel trilogy, hits screens and the last of the Star Trek franchises, "Enterprise" airs the final episode, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that the total population of nerds will increase by 30 to 35%.....

Read the rest at:


"So what your post is saying is that the SMART bloggers aren't really writing much about SW. Which would mean the people like myself who are obsessing about it are....what exactly?"

Having viewed her site, Michelle's obsession has led her to clearly and rationally weed through the thicket of fellow-obsessors and point us to the best of show. I suggest she define "smart" as Webster does: "shrewd and calculating", include herself as such, and continue "forcefully" obsessing.

For the rest of us who can't think of anything new to say about the flick, we can give her a hat tip.

I've got a fresh one:


End of Star Wars and Star Trek Causes Nerd Population Explosion

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Simplist review ever.


I loved it. Except for the parts where Natalie Portman opened her mouth. (And I promise I'm still a hetero male even though I just typed that).

On the lighter side....The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes from Yahoo Picks.

I know this has been around for awhile and I honestly can't remember if I've posted the link here already (forgive me if I have, please - it's been a rough week)...
atom films presents Anakin Dynamite.

Didn't see this linked here already (so forgive me if it's a repeat) --

The Power of Denial (which I found via Kitta)

...lemme try that link one more time:

The Power of Denial

I've a few on my blog. A post on the score is here:

We've got the LLama review up


Ooo! Ooo! I seent it! I seent the whole thing yo!

In all seriousness, this is almost as good a Star Wars film as Empire. Better than ANH, better than RotJ. Good good good. It takes a few minutes to get rolling after the opening sequence, and there's some wooden mushy parts with Padme & Ani, but so freaking what? Once the movie picks up, it never stops until the closing credits. I (heart) Episode III.


Been out here for a while, but it's still my favorite piece of Jedi fanfic...

My review. (positive / no spoilers)
http://www.odonnellweb .com/mtarchives/001686.php

remove the extra space - I added it to outwit MT-Blacklist

I got yer Star Wars photoshop contests! Patrick Ruffini is doing Republicans as Star Wars characters. I'm borrowing his idea and doing bloggers as Star Wars characters.

I give "Sith" a positive review here...

The Tone-Deaf Mushroom

Thanks for linking to me. Cool blog by the way.

Two Cents Worth Of Sith:


A quasi-review of Revenge of the Sith.