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random camera phone picture: the age of pete!


Did I tell you I would get it the first day? As soon as American Idol is over, I'm going to watch Pete and Pete.

We also picked up Team America (uncensored version, of course), but that's staying hidden away until the kids aren't home. They're not seeing this one until they're at least 21. And still, not with me. Will not watch puppet sex with my kids.

Also, I freaking hate Best Buy. I keep going there, but I hate the store, hate the aloof workers, hate that they try to hard sell me a subscription to EW every damn time I buy something, hate the fact that they don't care when you're looking for a popular title and they haven't had it in stock for three weeks, so when you say you're going to EB World instead, they just shrug.


Weird...I also bought Team America and Pete and Pete today...and we're also watching Pete and Pete after American Idol.

Luckily, there's no kids in this apartment, so we can watch all the puppet sex we want (the uncensored version of that scene is nasty!).

Dear Michelle,

I got my copy of Team America a day early through some trick my wife pulled. Any how I have a review of the DVD up at my blog and everyone should go get their copy just to watch Michael Moore blow up.


Uncle J

So which is better: kinky puppet sex or MM blowing up?

Tough call,Shawn.I would have to give the egge to the MM meat bomb,with Sean Penn getting eaten a close second.

I hate the way they have you thrown into the slammer when you pay with two dollar bills. I buy all my stuff off the internet to avoid the assholes who work at those big box stores.

If you think the puppet sex in that scene is bad you've probably never seen "Meet the Feebles"! Most disturbing movie ever? Somewhat along the same lines, has anyone seen the show "Wonder Showzen" on MTV2 yet? That's a pretty warped take on puppets as well.

Oh, we OWN Meet the Feebles. Another thing I'll never watch my kids.

I didn't really care for Wonder Showzen. Thought it tried too hard.