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console wars!


It's certainly a hot time for gaming. Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360, Sony unveiled the PS3 and now Nintendo brings us the Revolution.

The console market is just about saturated. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

I think what's going to happen is we'll see more and more brand loyalty surface as new consoles are hand helds are introduced.

I used to be more loyal to Sega than anything else (I still heart my Dreamcast), but I find myself defending Nintendo a lot these days. That's probabpy because I still think 2D side scrollers are the greatest games and too much "artsy" innovation in video games doesn't always translate to better game play. For my money, Nintendo comes out with games that have the best play value.

The best thing about the Nintendo Revolution is the backwards compatability - eventually you will be able to download almost every Nintendo game for play, from Mario Bros. on up. The only thing that worries me about the Rev is they don't show the controllers. I need to see what they look like first before I make a commitment.

Look at the controllers for the PS3. What the hell are they thinking? How do you hold that for any length of time without getting carpal tunnel syndrome?

The 360 is everything I hate about the new age of video games. I want a console that plays video games. I already have everything I need to listen to music and upload camera images. I don't want another computer. I want a video game system. I want simplicity. I want to put in a game, press play and go. Why would I spend money a gaming console that does everything my computer does? Sometimes less is more. Which is why, I suppose, I always turn towards Nintendo.

So are any of you looking to buy one of these new consoles? Which one makes your hands twitch with anticipation?


As an update, I have to say that while I will defend Nintendo and it's "kid friendly" games to the death, I am not without my need for blood and gore. If I had to choose between the two other platforms, I'd go with the PS3 - and it's most likely that we would end up getting the PS3 as well to satisfy both my husband and son, who aren't big Nintendo fans like myself. I'd have to see a list for planned titles for the PS3 before I made a real choice - if it's all just rehashes of PS1 and 2 titles, then, for me, it's not worth it.

We never did buy an Xbox and it's not likely we'd ever get the 360.


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Nahh. I have an Xbox and I use it to keep paper from flying around when I turn on the ceiling fan.

My PC has 100 times the storage, 10x the networking, a much better video card, a bigger selection of games, etc. etc. And it's upgradeable so when the GeForce 9,999,999 comes out, I can spend all my $ on that instead.

All I need to do is run the video & audio cables through the wall and a wireless radio keyboard & mouse, and I'm set to play games in beautiful 47" HiDef!

I used to be a Nintendo shill a long time ago. Now, I look at Nintendo as the game company for kids. Things like no blood in the SNES version of Mortal Kombat, the Mario games, and Animal Crossing. Even Metroid is pretty tame compared to say Doom 3.

Some of the speculation I've heard is that the next generation of consoles isn't going to rely on better graphics but rather things like integration into the living room and a better online experience. That's cool by me.

That said, once the Xbox 360 comes down in price (maybe two years after it hits the market), I'm on it. I haven't researched the PS3 yet.

While I generally agree that Nintendo makes some great games in-house, and a couple third-part games for the GameCube were also excellent, this is probably the end for Nintendo, much as the Dreamcast was the end for Sega. Considering the financial spanking Nintendo got with the GameCube, I'm actually surprised that they're even trying another platform.

As for what I'll buy: since I had the PSX and now the PS2, I'm sure the PS3 will be my next purchase. Xbox has some great titles, but I have always tended to choose one platform and stick with it, even if it's for no other reason than streamlining purchases and minimizing cross-platform expense.

Had SNES then PS2 and now XBOX. Going back to PS3 when it comes out.

Each one has me excited. I'll end up with all 3, though it may take 2 or 3 years to collect them all. 360 first, simply because it comes out first.

Very obvious now that the PS3 nearly, if not totally, blows away the 360 in the graphics department. My worry is that with all that power, there'll come a big price. And I mean big price. Something well past the $199/$299 launches that we've been 'enjoying'.

And I like all the extras that come along with the 360. Can never have enough things that do everything.

I'm all about Zelda and Metroid, so I will buy the new Nintendo Console. Maybe I'll upgrade to the PS3.

I'm all about Zelda

That's what I'm saying. And now that I know they plan on keeping the Zelda franchise alive, I'd buy the Revolution just so I don't miss out on any future games.

Sorta OT, but I just became a GOD to my children. Their PS2 wasn't working well for a while, and went dead yesterday (after buying a new game). I looked up how to clean the laser-thinging ... and as I type this, their new game just started up for the first time. I could get those kids to do ANYTHING I ASKED at this moment.

I like that the Xbox will allow me to stream movies, music, and photos off of my desktop PC (or our laptops) to the home theater system. No more toting a laptop around from floor to floor, hooking it up to the stereo, etc.

And it will replace our DVD player...

..and then the games.

I've got all three of the current consoles. The GameCube gets played obsessively whenever a new first-party game comes out, and ignored otherwise. The X-box is played more consistently, but not intensively -- I'll play a little Halo or Morrowind from time to time, but generally, the X-box is used mostly for watching DVDs in my bedroom. The PS2 hasn't been touched since approximately one week after I purchased it, and when the dog ate the cord off of two of the controllers, I tossed them and haven't bothered getting new ones.

I'll definitely get the 360, mostly because of the promised Perfect Dark Zero. The Revolution, I'll buy because I grew up with Nintendo and can never turn my back on them. The PS3, I might eventually pick up, but I've never been a big Sony fan.

With an 8-year-old and 5-year-old in the house, our choice will definitely be Nintendo. For the kiddies, you just can't beat all the Mario and Zelda titles, and I still enjoy them myself!

We JUST bought the PS2. Not happening anytime soon.

sega master system-nintendo-snes-n64-gamecube-playstation2. sold the playstation2 after gta:vc became rather boring. I barely play games anymore. resident evil 4 was pretty damn good though, rather bloody, and on the gamecube. if I get a console it will depend on price and game selection. the gamecube zelda really annoyed me. sailing in a boat for 20 minutes? errr, no. going back to ocarin of time roleplaying/fighting balance would be perfect for me.

Anybody here ever own a Sega Saturn? I did.

Money. Toilet. Flushing noise.

Michele, do you have Resident Evil 4? It's what all the cool kids are playing on the Gamecube.

I have a PS2 and a hotrod PC. I lust after all the consoles that I don't have, because I'm like that. But Sony has the best payback for the money for me. Far more interesting games than all the other consoles. (The Ratchet & Clank games are the best platformers EVAH.)

Still want a Gamecube and an Xbox, though.

I got an Xbox primarily for Ninja Gaiden. Both Halos are great as well, as were the KotOR games and Jade Empire (though KotOR II was screwed by LucasArts at the end).

I'll probably get an Xbox 360 eventually.

Never liked many of the PS2-exclusive games - well, not enough to shell out money for them.

Nintendo still makes amzingly FUN games. Mario Sunshine, Double Dash, and even Windwaker (and a new Zelda game coming in November!) make the GameCube quite worthwhile.


I always end up getting all the consoles. That said, my PS2 gets by far the most use of the current 3, followed by the Cube. The Xbox, ehh, all the "exclusive" games it has look and control better on the PC with the keyboard and mouse. DDR Ultramix is fun though.

For next-gen I'm juiced about the PS3 - the back compatibility to PS1 is awesome, and the PSP integration's neat too. There'd better be a way to use PS2 controllers on it though. Revolution is a no-brainer just because denying oneself Nintendo's first-party titles is lame. Paper Mario 2 was teh awesome, and the new Zelda looks fantastic.

Between KOTOR and GTA3 and this baseball game whose name escapes me but I've been renting for ~5 months now from gamefly, my Xbox gets much more use than my ps2. But the ps2 was the last gift I ever received from my mother so uhm, theres kind of a sentimental attachment to it. I'll get the xbox 360 for sure. I'll consider the ps3 depending on what games it gets; I've not had the time to spring for San Andreas though I rented it.

I might have to buy the PS3 controller, just to use it during my nightly patrols of Gotham City.

Will probably end up with a PS3 as it's backwards compatible and my current PS2 controllers are just about wearing out. Might be the perfet time to upgrade than buy another couple of controllers and more memory cards.

Gamecube story... only played it once, a buddy brought it up one weekend he was staying with me and I was addicted.

Three words: Super Monkey Ball.

The X-Box is the frat-boy game system. I used to call it the boob-machine because its main advantage was Dead or Alive, but then there's also all the folks getting excited about their Halo parties... as if getting together with a bunch of friends and playing competitive games was something they invented, not something PC gamers had been doing for at least a decade.

I find X-box best for driving games. My band stayed up a bit too late on studio weekend playing NFS: Underground II. For solo games I can't see using anything less than a PC/Mac. There is a no better control than keyboard/mouse.

Think its a choice between Xbox & PS3...Nintendo is no where.

After hearing about the Downloading of My Youth via the Revolution, I've sold my soul to Nintendo. Yes, of course I shall yield to my husband's desire for an Xbox 360, but the Nintendo is mine. The Revolution will have ultimate backwards compatibility if you can access their whole game library. That alone might push them back into the light.

Obligatory Rant:
Gah! Don't slap the term "kiddie games" on Nintendo as a deragatory term. Just because my little sister can play the game doesn't mean it isn't worthy of an adult's time and effort. Blood, gore, and "adult themes" shouldn't be needed to earn respect or attention for a game.
Besides, without those "kiddie games" Sony and Microsoft might have less customers for their 'mature' games. How many of us (back in the distant 80's) were inducted into video games through Nintendo's extremely fun, yet bloodless, titles and franchises?

Givin' Credit Where It's Due,

just play games on your computer

For me personally it'll probably be the 360 - just for the streaming media capabilities. I've been looking at streaming media boxes lately (ok, since I went ahead & ripped my 1000+ albums into the PC) anyway and now I can get that PLUS games...totally teh awesome!

Actually though this could re-awaken the console wars as each unit seems to have it's own advantages based upon the variety of additional functionality each one offers.

-->still keeps the 8-bit Nintendo & the Dreamcast plugged in downstairs for when I get tired of Madden & NFL2K5 on the PS2.

Sometimes...people miss the point. A few years ago, the meaning of "gaming system" was lost to these wannabes Madden mother F******, and GTA freaks that said the systems needed a DVD player, and could play MP3s....that everyone forgot the term gaming machine.
Enter Nintendo. Gaming at its core. No blood? Good, get a high score! No violence...sweethearts, Link would tell you twice now from sould caliber that there's violence, and third party support. F*** em! Nintendo built those publishing houses...they'll burn em. Oh and about the dreamcast comparison....no, that was like premature ejaculation....and that's never good. it died because it came b4 its time. Hopefully everyone of you little fags that go GTA4000 or Maddenn will one day lick my balls. But that'll never happen. youre all 20 year old sellouts.

And the winner...think about it. The Nintendo Revolution is not a gaming system. (I've just went against all I've said in that but....you'll understand) Nintendo Revolution will be something mroe; a portal to the past and a link to the future of GAMING...not multimedia cram all you got into a box pile of poo system development

Revolution. I am a Nintendo fanboy, and no amount of arguement will change that. My friend who has been a Sony fanboy since the PSX says that he will buy a Revolution if you can play Super Smash TV on it. Once it comes out, my social life is dead. I'll download EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Super Smash TV, and Contra 3, and I'll become a pasty white lump on the couch.