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Don't Be Alarmed, It's Only the Death Star

Through the power of Total Fark (thank you, Jay) you can listen to five vintage Star Wars radio ads.

These are awesome. Cheesy, yet awesome.

Don't be startled...it's only the sand people.

All the radio spots have been moved to one page - here.


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Are these legit? Because, uh, they're pretty awful.

Of course, we do live in a much more sophisticated world (what else can explain our fascination with the Spears/Federline marriage and baby?).


Neat ads, but what's the story on the way the announcer pronounced "Rated. P. G. Parental. Guidance. Suggested."
It sounded like he'd never had to read a ratings tag before. Even Episode 4 isn't THAT old.

chuck....yes it is "Star Wars" came out in '77

love the "presents.....Star....Wars"