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psa: asshole edition

Just so you know, today is apparently Drive Like An Asshole Day.

I don't know if this is just specific to my little area of residence or if it's celebrated the world over. I wish I had known, as I would have not held the coin flip ceremony over staying home and nursing my deathly illness or going to work. I would have just stayed in bed (work won the coin toss).

Anyhow, just keep in mind there's no need to participate in this rogue holiday. Remember, driving like an asshole makes you a whole ass.


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Each day as I drive around South Florida, I become more convinced that I'm the unfortunate target of an elaborate elderly gang initiation ritual. Those fuckers are trying to take me down.


They are known as the ADL, The Anti-Destination League.

I've found that TOW missiles are the only language they understand.

After having driven down to DC this weekend and enduring the "Beltway Experience" on a Saturday early afternoon--I can't ever begin to imagine what this miasma is like during a workday rush hour--, and ending up two hours late when I had built in a three hour bumper because of the horror stories I had heard, I have to second JoeB. Some of these dolts need to be just blown right off the road.

Just be glad you don't live up here in MA!

totally off-topic, but I can't e-mail you right now...

check out this playlist!

Michele - Actually, it's a year-long celebration, like the Chinese Year of the Rat.

You know - I was thinking the same thing this morning. It must actually be a holiday.

I think yesterday was act-like-an-asshole at Costco day.

The actual holiday is "Be an Asshole Day" and you just encountered some of those who take the spirit of the holiday when they travel.

And Crank is right: they also carry that spirit with them the whole year through.

& Have yourself a Merry Be an Asshole Day!

Hell, that's driving like normal in Dallas, and now you tell me there's a special day for it? This city didn't get the memo.

Hell, that's driving like normal in Dallas

Here, here. I suppose now is a good time to mention that I almost didn't make it back from lunch.

I thought it was a Physics experiment. Watch two vehicles attempt to enter the same space at the same time.

Heck, you don't even need to read - merge left, accompanied by a picture. Syracuse celebrates it too.

Hey, here in Texas, we celebrate "Drive Like An Asshole Day" EVERY day....