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pointless, yet funny

I love Family Guy.

The rematch with the chicken was great.

Jesus Christ!

Yeah dad?

Get the Escalade, we're getting out of here!

The Star Wars ending was sweet.

And that Burger King guy? Creepiest thing ever. He even weirds Vader out.

Again, the chicken rematch owned. And both Simpons episodes were just average.

We now return to our Robitussin/NyQuil cocktail party.


I would have to agree with Family Guy being great. I'm so glad that it's back. Great site!

I think that the second Simpson's episode was pretty biting, especially the line where the priest said "That would make me the worst priest ever! Well, except for, you know...*cough*"

Right there, you can see the face of a bunny

I actually thought the second Simpsons was pretty damned good. Reminded me of some of the earlier ones.

But yeah. The first one sucked, and Family Guy kicks ass.

The Chicken Returns! I nearly yelled for joy when he tackled Peter.

2nd Simpsons: pretty damn good -- an actual GOOD episode, not a crappy episode with a few bits of humor.

And when the wife & I saw Vader meet the King -- our hearts stopped. Creepy, but cool.

Throughout that whole BK commercial, I was hoping Vader would take off the King's head.

After seeing the chicken again, I figured "American Dad" would have a fight with a duck. I was wrong, it was a raccoon.

Oh he soooo shoulda taken off the King's head.

That thing creeps me the fuck out.

It's true that the direct comparison provided by having The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad all show on the same night is not, as a rule, particularly flattering to The Simpsons.

However, the second Simpsons tonight was pretty good...

Quick aside question for Michele -

What effect, if any, is the pre-SWIII merchandising having on the anticipation of the movie?

I was all jazzed about the opening this week - but after the dozen or so Burger King / M&M commericals / Pepsi , I'm starting to think that Vader will finally show up on the screen and I'll think 'mmmmmm, Whopper' ... which isn't the effect that Lucas was going for, I think.
I'd've preferred the merchandising start after the movie opens.

I'm fairly certain I'll let loose a primal scream in the theater if Vader shows up in a commericial during the previews before the movie. Thanks to my study and mastery of Jedi mind tricks, though, the guy two seats over will be kicked out.

"I'm not the moron you're looking for"

the BK Vader/King commercial was wrong, just wrong.

I hate that rubberfaced King thing. If I were a little more impressionable, I'd probably have nightmares about it.

(I wonder....could a person sue an ad agency for mental distress if their creepy-as-hell advertising character gave them chronic nightmares? How would one even prove such a thing?)

That huge-headed BK King always makes me think, "There's a couple of bucks of therapy dollars better spent buried in that ad."

The most unbelieveable thing about Burger King's creepy Big Head McHuge is the commercial where he shows up with that Enormous Omelet Sandwich, at the guy's window, and the guy eats it!! If that thing showed up at MY window, I would probably pull out a firearm, not happily consume the food that he handed to me with that scary perma-grin. Uck.

Also, I adore Family Guy as well. It's awesome, so awesome. And I think American Dad may be getting better - it seems to have gotten past the "haha, look at this doofus conservative who thinks terrorists are dangerous and wants to kill them! Haha, he's so dumb!" schtick.