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robitussin visions

100 words, issue 2 is now available.

It's unlikely I'll be posting until much later this evening, as I am suffering from the Worst. Head cold. Ever.

I'll be spending my day on the couch, reading The Bronx is Burning, watching Empire Strikes, whining and crying so everyone knows I am really sick, sick, sick, yet- look! - look how I get up off the couch to make you Sunday dinner, look how I got the laundry done even though I am dying, look how I will go outside and plow the fields with mules even though I am on my death bed! Look, there's Ben Franklin, he's talking to me on the tv and he's saying that I should..what? Go on a killing spree? Praise liberty? Jumping Jiminy? He's mumbling, I wish these spirtual visits from dead political figures were more... coherent.

Anyhow, have I mentioned that Robitussin DM makes me hallucinate? It does, indeed. But it really takes the pain away, so I'll deal with Abraham Lincoln exhorting me to kill my family if it means my throat will stop burning for a few hours. Sigh. The mules are calling again.


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Oh man! That sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

Oh, and don't listen to that Franklin fella. He's always making people kill each other. He's such a pip!

Enjoy the hallucinations while they last. Tomorrow is Monday...

burn the buildings ralphie

You certainly get sick a lot. In fact, you've been sick about twenty times since the last time I got sick. Not bragging, just fortunate. Maybe its because I take a lot of vitamins.

Ummm, you are following the recommended dosage on that Robitussin, right?

Eh, recommended doses are for wimps.

Michele, it might be allergies, not a cold. I've been suffering from pretty severe allergy symptoms for the last week. The pollen count is insanely high.

We just need a good, hourlong rainstorm to get rid of the pollen, then all is right with the world.

Most of my "sicknesses" are allergy related. So while it appears that I've been sick a lot, I've just been under attack by pollen, etc. This one, however, is a sinus infection with a nasty sore throat (which is probably allergy related). It better rain today.

Shawn, I have averse reactions to most medications, even in the smallest doses. I have to be very careful what I take.

Not to scare you, Michele, but there's been a strain of scarlet fever making the rounds. General aches, fever, sore throat, etc. May or may not be accompanied by sandpapery rash.

(I know you're as much of a hypochondriac as I am, so I'm not just spreading idle rumors - we and a couple of families we know all just finished with it.)

Get better soon!

Good lord, So Cal has beat its own 100 year record for rain and while I'm loving the verdant landscape my sinuses are giving me holy grief.

My deepest sympathies and empathies, Michele.

Personally, I can't take Sudafed ... not unless friends and co-workers want to be peeling me off the ceiling or tossing a net over me.

How 'bout them Orioles, Michele?? Tee-hee.

NyQuil cures everything.