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not so random thought of the day

Have you ever been so sick you just wish your head would explode like that one guy in Scanners?

Man, that would be sweet relief.


Sweet relief, indeed. I feel your pain.

Yeah, but not the head exploding thing. I just want to vacuum the congestion out of my lungs sometimes.

Been there. When lying with my head under at least 2 pillows, I fantasize about my brains suddenly popping out my ears and nose and how good it would feel to have the pressure gone. Or wondering if there was something i could stick up my nose so I could "pop" my head like a balloon. Alas, never happens. Sorry, graphic but true.

Yes. Yesterday afternoon, when my family and my fiance's family went out to dinner together.

Yeah - my thought is usually "if I could just get somebody to drill a couple of smallish holes into my sinuses..."

Sorry you're hurting. Feel better.

My own head? No. But I know a few people who deserve that fate. (Not you, of course.)

I have been so physically nauseous, however, that I've begged for death. And go figure - my one brush with fame in the NY Times, and that's the set of posts they focus on out of a year's worth of material.

Oh, I'm sorry - were we talking about you?

Have you ever tried using a Neti pot? It's a device that is used to literally rinse mucus from one's sinuses. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I've found it worth it (although I haven't used it during a full-blown cold yet). Whenver I've been sick in the past I've fantasized about using a device like the "head-bug remover" from Total Recall to scrape out the congestion; rinsing it sounds just as good.