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Things I Wish I Though of

"Have you tried one of these Ewoks, m'lord?" asked Admiral Piett, offering me a crisp kebab. "Delectable!" Veers himself was surrounded by a cadre of identical troopers holding their helmets in one hand and their drinks in the other. "Lord Vader!" Veers greeted me. "I'm so glad you could join us. Did somebody get you an Ewok?"

The Darth Vader blog: Memoirs of a Monster

It's not just satire or parody. It's so well written you wish it were real. Good stuff.

And this further diminishes my increasingly blurred line between reality and Lucas-fueled fantasy.

I may need intervention soon.


I was reading that yesterday. Whoever the guy/gal is that's writing it, they're good.

Most impressive.

I've been reading that blog for the past couple of weeks. Sweet!

Blurred line? My sisters and I have totally crossed over: the two of them have joined forces and usurped my poistion as the family's Sith Lord!

This will all pass once you've/we've seen the film. Balance will be restored to the Force.

Relax, don't worry. Have another Ewok, they're delicious.

Yub Yub.

FYI my A's are just lulling the Yanks into a false sense of security. You have been warned

"May"? "Soon"?

How about a navel-gazing post?

I used to be so pretty. What happened? Oh yeah, the lava.


"These are not the blogs you're looking for"

I think Lileks is moonlighting.

I've been readin' it for a couple weeks, it's damn good

(I thought I got the link from you!)

Apparently, the author is Canadian (from Darth Vader's page, click on Resume & Contact and from there click on Learn about the maintainer of this blog) I spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading his blog about his wife's pregnancy, the birth of their daughter, and her journey through baby- and toddlerhood.

A very gifted writer, and very reminiscent of Lileks, I agree.

actually...the writer reminded me more of you michele.