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In 7-11, by the coffee machine

Girl: What are we going to do tonight?
Guy: (shrugs) we could fuck for three hours or so...
Girl: Uh..I have my period.
Guy: (leeringly) not in your mouth, you don't.

(Girl slaps guy in the head)


I swear, sounds like a conversation I've had with my husband before...

We are a sad and sorry bunch, eh?


A real man (or one wih half a brain(,same dif I gues),would please her first,period or no.

I want to believe that this man is my hero.

I had almost the identical conversation with a couple of lesbians tonight while looking for Cranberry gelcaps for my wife tonight.

OK, only half of the above is true...

Men... they're just... SO CUTE.

I bet if she had said "Man, I'm hungry" He would have responded with "Well, I've got a tube steak you can suck on."

Or maybe that's just something MY man would have said.

If you didn't live on Long Island, I'd say you made that up.

But everybody knows about you people out there in the spudfarms...god knows what the offspring will unfold.

//runs away//

aah to be young and in love. really quite touching.

You still got 7-11s? In about a month I'm going to start jonesing for a mega-slurpy and I'm stuck with Sonic's version.

You followin' me again?

He also could have said: "Not in your ass, you don't."

Me- "I have a sore throat."

Him - "I know what can cure that."

Just ONCE it would be nice if he didn't respond that way.

mbruce, I wonder how many men would agree with you. Of my exes, 1 out of 5 (20%). I wonder if that's representative of the population as a whole...

And they said romance was dead.

What's your point? Seems like a reasonable guy...

Now, if this had been March 14th,....

Did i get the right date?