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random camera phone picture II: party people

surprise party, my house

Did I mention that Nat was throwing a surprise party for two of her friends today? Right now there are 12 fifteen year old girls in my house.

The decibel level is frightening. The Amityville Horror house has nothing on what's going on here right now. I think my neighbors (who moved in only last week) just put a "for sale" sign up.

Kill me. Now. Or come rescue me, at least.


Hey. You're the one who agreed to letting her have the party. You could have been WWotW and said "NO!"

You have my sympathy anyway.

i was there, and had to leave, my ears hurt from all the high pitched screaming! i feel for you, come on over.

I gather she wouldn't think it was funny if you went next door and called the cops complaining about the noise.

No, but I would.

(writes that one down for future reference)

Go to your happy place.

I don't think it'd be too fangirlish to go sit on your patio and eat Dark Side M&M's.

And look longingly at your Ep III tickets.

And rub them lovingly against your cheek.

run to the hills.... run for your life....

They get older. They go off to college. Older daughter brings "boyfrend" home. Gets engaged. Gets married after they graduate - marriage happens on time, graduation doesn't. Eventually it all works out.

Dad has younger daughter halfway through college, mounting debt, thinking "I'm way too old for this, but I wouldn't trade them for the world."

Sit on the deck, break out the Bose Acoustic Wave Noise Cancelling Headphones, and relax with your favorite adult beverage.