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random camera phone picture: sith edition

Friday, May 20, 7:15

Two. One for me, one for DJ - the only other person in this family with good sense.

It's like waiting for Christmas.


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I hate and envy you. Or something.

So...got your costume picked out yet?

Would it be wrong to say Leia's gold bikini?

I just bought mine for Thursday afternoon. Ditching work a little early that day.

$9.50 to see a friggin' movie??!!

I was about to pick up tix for a giant screen showing on Saturday but something told me that I already had an obligation that day. When I checked up on it, one particular friend wasn't too happy that Star Wars Fever had so clouded my mind that I temporarily forgotten her wedding is that day... I blame the dark side.

I bought my Wed night 12:01 AM tix about three weeks ago. I've had them thumbtacked above my desk at home, and I look at them every day.

waiting for christmas is a good analogy.

I wanna! I wanna!

dude! i swear, i didn't see this post when i put up mine.

of course, i'm cooler than you, because i'm seeing it at midnight the day it opens. and at 8:30 pm the day it opens.

want me to tell you what happens? (:

heh. usually, that's some kinda threat. but i guess we all know what happens - ani turns evil, moves to the dark side. the end.

So wonderful, it's almost as important to me as my graduation from college. It's a good thing they're both happening within a few weeks of one another.

I got lucky in that regard today - some friends of a friend are renting a local theater for the midnight showing next Friday, something they've apparently done for the last two, and they limit attendance to 100 people - and he got me and my fiancee on the invite list! It's true, it's not what you know...

Enjoy the anticipation, 'cause the movie itself is gonna suck. Big time.

Joe, I think this is the second time you did this. Fleck off, k? You're starting to annoy me.

Yep, there it is:

It's gonna suck. I'll see it, but I know it's gonna suck.
Posted by Farmer Joe on May 9, 2005 05:49 PM

I am impervious to your negativity.

I think that's very cool that this is a Mom and Son thing.

I refuse to believe that it will suck. Crossed fingers and toes.

And I second Timmer.

You know, I kind of feel like I'm left out of this particular holiday. My movie-theater Christmas this year is coming on September 30th (Serenity), and most of the enthusiasm I'd normally have for Sith just isn't there.

Of course, I have every intention of seeing Sith as soon as possible, but I just can't get excited about it. (I can't explain why, though. I really liked Episode II, and didn't hate Episode I like most other people seem to have done.)

Hope you and DJ have a wonderful time, Michele.