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100 Words or Les Nessman

Yes, another group blog, starring Andy of World Wide Rant, Sekimori of, well, Sekimori fame and the anonymous Eschatologist. This one is different from anything I've done before. It's a fiction blog, with a twist: Each day has a theme and each story must clock in at 100 words or less (though I strive for exactly 100).

100 Words, Or Les Nessman.

In which your humble hosts, each day, post fiction vignettes of exactly 100 words... or, failing that, something to do with Les Nessman. Rock on, superstar..

Don't ask.

Anyhow, the first issue is in progress, so stop over and give it a look, leave a comment and, if you so desire, tell your friends, give us a link, etc.

I wonder who the first will be to pull a Les Nessman?

(And now back to work on my 10,000+ word post)


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Two best lines from WKRP:

Johnny Fever: "Alright, fellow babies. It's time for more music and Les Nessman."


Visitor to the station: "Hi. I'm Steele. I think a man's name should say something about himself. What's your name?"

Les Nessman: "Les."