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today's weird fact

On this day in 1989 I married my first husband.

On this day in 1999 our divorce was made final.


Um, have an unhappy divorcaversary?

Hell of a day, huh?

Well, there is a Black day in May, an old Italian superstition.

Congratulations! :-)

So that's this "karma" thing I've been hearing about down at the Y!

i'm waiting for Hallmark to come out with a card for this now...

Hold on, there's one more big event for you on this day; look at this post:


Whoa...I'd have to check for the exact day, but my parents divorced right around this time in '99 too.

Was event #1 bad? Or good?
Was event #2 bad? Or good?

Dean knew the right thing to say :)

You're happier now than you were then, right? A bizarre confluence of dates, or something like that.

Be well. And yes, I've been drinking again.

Yes, David. Happier. I did get married again. So did he. We're both better off.

I'm happy for all four of you then. Life is just too great to waste being miserable.

Someone poke RK in the eye for blatant self-promotion. Oh yeah, and holier-than-thou-ness.

Oh, I plan on poking him with a big blog stick later.

Those double anniversaries are funny. My daughter was born ten years to the day after my wife and I first met . . . and four years and two days after we were married . . . and three years and two days before I started my blog.

And, to square the circle, that was 1989 and 1999, too.

Wow. All on #8's birthday too... :-)