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random camera phone picture
It gets late early out there


Liquid lunch: Friday's, Westbury, NY

The occasion? Happy birthday, number 8.


Number 8? It's Yastrzemski's birthday? I didn't think you'd celebrate that! ;p

that's not funny solly... I thought the same thing and actually accidentally clicked through to that evil coalition thing.

All those camera phone pics look fuzzy - reminds me of Penthouse. Break out the lingerie!

And I checked, it is NOT Dale Junior's birthday.

Show some respect to Yogi, people. Or GET OFF MY LAWN!

Hey Solonor,

Slightly OT, trivia question at the ballgame last week (Single A team for the Red Sox):

Not counting Wade Boggs, What were the last three Boston Red Sox inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Yaz and Fisk are kind of obvious... who's the third?

i really like your blog, the layout is clean and everything is easy to navigate. Bravo! would you be interested in swapping links perhaps?

[Ed note: Mike, there's a thing called email. Look into it, k?]

Bobby Doerr

You sure it wasn't a little earlier, Michele? Just going by the upside-down Heinz bottle.