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listomatic: do you take sugar?

Lists are fun.

Ten most frequently played songs on my iPod in the last ten days, aka songs I've been obsessed with.

1. Via l'Viaquez - The Mars Volta
2. New American Classic - Taking Back Sunday
3. Helena - My Chemical Romance
4. Ainít Talkiní íBout Love - Van Halen
5. Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
6. Simon Says - Drain STH
7. 5446 That's My Number/Ball And Chain - Sublime
8. I Hate Jimmy Page - Mindless Self Indulgence
9. Pattycake - Self
10. Love Dump - Static X

And one bonus song:

The Wizard - Black Sabbath


Hah! That Mars Volta song rocks! That whole album is pretty damn good...

"The Wizard" a bonus?

I always thought that was a throwaway.

5446? Is that an old Toots Hibbert number?

Oh how I loathe Def Leopard......

I have never heard a lot of the songs in your list. I like your taste in music though so I will definetely check out some samples of them. Thanks!

My God, woman. You have the best taste in music, hands down.

"The Wizard" a bonus?

I always thought that was a throwaway.

Are you frickin' insane?!

Different strokes I guess.

Seriously. I'm with you, Garrett.

The Wizard OWNS.

I think I'm gonna go home and play that song at 11 'til the cat wets himself.

Or the neighbors call the sheriff, whichever comes first. :p

Aaaaannnnd, now it's stuck in my head. Hope my customers don't walk and catch me playing air-drums.

I went on a huge My Chemical Romance kick a few weeks back. Pulled Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge off the CD rack and started listening to it constantly, over and over. That CD is just goddamn good--I mean, it's pretty much great from beginning to end. There's so much fury--I just love it.

I even went out and picked up their first album, which wasn't nearly as good but does have some cool songs on it. They really need to get on with releasing another album.

Did you get the new Hot Hot Heat CD? I'm quite enjoying it. I particularly love "Dirty Mouth."

Mars Volta - Heard a lot about them, but I've never actually HEARD them. I'll have to check it out.

The Wizard - Underappreciated!

Def Leppard - Rocks my socks off.

I Hate Jimmy Page - Worst song title ever...the man's a god! MSI, they'll burn in hell for it...and I'll be smiling.

Wait, that last statement goes against everything I believe, er, don't believe I should say. Bah, I think I've got diarreah of the brain today. I feel like the newscaster in "Bruce Almighty".