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Things to do when you have writer's block



Thanks, I needed a laugh. As it happens, I'm feeling particularly stuporous today, too.

ooh, ooh, I know... Make a list! Right?

7. Profit!

These usually work for me:

1. Read something, preferably related to your subject. While you are reading, your subconscious will be mulling over whatever it is that you canít quite start. You have an idea, you just donít know it yet
2. If you work on a keyboard, sketch in longhand, and then type it out. If youíre a longhand writer, do the opposite. Doesnít matter if it sux. Your inner editor will kick in and the momentum of editing will carry you forward.
3. Get some exercise. The endorphins generated by exercise stimulate the creative process.
4. Sleep on it.
5. Controlled substances (Just kidding. Maybe.)

1. Clean the kitchen
2. Finish Laundry
3. Make dinner
4. clean up #3
5. water newly planted gardenstuff
6. Dream of winning the lotto.

Things to do when you have writer's block, and you're listening to INXS:

1. Hallucinate
2. Dessegregate
3. Mediate
4. Alleviate
5. Try not to hate

5. Controlled substances (Just kidding. Maybe.)

Is vodka a controlled substance?

Mikey - that made me laugh. And sing.

ok, that was shitty. I've got a list for you:

Non-Bugs Bunny things that remind you of old Bugs Bunny episodes.

Mr. Belvedere - "Oh, Belvedere! Come here, boy!"

shoot, I had more, but I kept laughing about "Oh, Belvedere."

Come here, boy!

please tell me that somebody else remembers that episode...


I would think it was easy to write today. Check out the latest from John Rocker. If that doesn't get you going then you are overmedicated.

Read blogs.
Re-read read blogs.
Repeat as necessary.