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i need help

I was just having a conversation in which I realized that I crossed that invisible line that distinguishes reality from fantasy in regards to the Star Wars universe.

Hey, it took nearly 28 years for that to happen. I'm far better off than some people in that way. And I haven't bought a costume.


I did, eight years ago, have a life size cardboard cut-out of Boba Fett. I had to get rid of it before it was used against me in divorce proceedings.


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I still have my Yoda from 1982....WELL used, useless to the collector's, priceless to me....

That is the brilliancy of Star Wars. It is so well written down to the smallest detail that it becomes a true "Alternate Universe". Crossing the line during a discussion of things Star Wars is okay.

Unless you forget to come back.

But, see, the whole concept of a "line" as such is misleading. It's not so much a demarcation as a progression:

Watch Star Wars
Watch the original trilogy
Watch all 6 movies
Enjoy the movies
Buy the movies
Buy SW video games
Buy a toy lightsaber
Read the Expanded Universe
Memorize Episodes IV, V, VI
Believe in the Force
Subscribe to a fanzine
Try to develop Force-sensitivity
Write SW fan fiction
Keep buying and trading SW:CCG even though it died years ago
Debate validity of "non-canonical" works
Memorize Episodes I, II, III
Claim that Lucas is only getting better
Maintain SW fansite
Stand in line for midnight tickets
Make your own lightsaber
Use your homemade lightsaber
Talk like Yoda 24/7
Wear Jedi robes to theater
Wear Jedi robes to non-SW event
Wear Jar-Jar costume

Keiran, you disturb me.

Michele, my boyfriend is oddly similar to you in terms of the SW infatuation.

Seek help. I'm attempting to find a PFTASW (Parents and Friends of Those Addicted to Star Wars) in my area.

So far, no luck.

Michele, I find your lack of faith disturbing. Give in to the Dark side Michele. Give in.

When I was in jr. high, I discovered that if I flipped my 10-speed bike upside down, stuck it in 10th gear and spun the pedals with my hand, the rapidly rotating rear wheel made a great psuedo bench grinder.

As such, my Lando Calrissian ended up looking more like George Jefferson (receded hair line), Obi-Wan ended up with Luke's Injury from ESB, but before ESB was released (lucky guess on my part), and Leia lost the buns on the sides of her head in the goofy hairdo she had.


Why make your own lightsaber when there are so many quality models available at affordable prices? It is an essential tool for defeating the Sith. But you can also use it to warm your coffee or tea, and it's great around the house for cutting plywood or PVC pipe.


It struck me how much SW has been a part of my family ... 1977 found me in a movie theater 14 times over the summer immersed in the original movie; then, last night babysitting my twin grandsons (29 mos old) I'm keeping an eye on them so that their mac n cheese dinner ends up in their own stomachs rather than on each other in a food fight when a brief trailer for Revenge of the Sith plays on the tv in the next room -- Sean and Nick in perfect unison put down their forks, eyes widen and they shout "Tar Wars!"

"And I haven't bought a costume"... yet?

Should the Constitution protect you from letting your Boba Fett be used as evidence against you?

Is the picture up top David Lee Roth as Boba Fett?

Now that you mention it....Dave did a split like that when I saw VH in the 80's. I was in the first row and got to see his crotch up close.

But he's no Bobba the Fett. Then again, Bobba is no DLR.

Its a sad day when you realize the rationalization for your Star Wars mania that at least you haven't gone to the movies dressed up yet is actually kind of pathetic.

There are certain sites and places to buy well made Jedi weapons, like-

www.parksabers.com = $220 - $280 sabers with light up polycarbonite detachable blade,

www.masterreplicas.com = $100 - $120 sabers with motion sensors to depict sound when you power up, power down, idle, movement, and clash sounds, light up permenant blade.

quite a bit of masterful knowledge one might find while surfing the net.

May the force be with you;