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random camera phone picture

Dentist office, Bellmore, NY

Listened to "With Teeth" on the iPod while I was waiting. Just because it seemed arpopos. And because it drowned out the screech of Kelly Ripa coming from the television.


My dentist plays movies :)

Listened to "With Teeth" on the iPod while I was waiting.

And? (not like I'm not going to buy it, no matter what you say)

In the 'Good News' section of today's paper ...

This Google search:

only yielded 92,000 hits ... not 100,000+

"Hey! Does this thing scare you?"

You're crazy, Kelly Ripa is so FRESH

I bought With Teeth 2 days after it came out; I didn't immediately fall in love with it as I did with all of this other works, but it's growing on me. Either way, it's Trent; I've got my fix and did my sworn duty by buying Trent stuff. ;)

Only thing is, I hope this trend of "dual disc" dies. I know it's probably in vain, but I hate having the cd/dvd on one disc...

Good call. My appointment is coming up this month. I'll have to take headphones. :)

My dentist lets me hold the remote and channel surf. I don't think he liked the fact that I found The Beverly Hillbillys and laughed every few seconds while he tried to work.

People watch Kelly Ripa without the mute button on?...

I documented my latest root canal at my place. The dentist is a scary person, not to be approached sober.