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listomatic: on this day edition

1954 - Rock Around the Clock was released

Other songs from 1954 I know all the words to

  • Oh! My Pa-Pa - Eddie Fisher
  • That's Amore - Dean Martin
  • Mambo Italiano - Rosemary Clooney
  • Mr. Sandman - Chordettes
  • Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream) - Crew Cuts
  • Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight - The McGuire Sisters

1960 - Bono was born

My favorite U2 songs:

  • Out of Control
  • Bad
  • Surrender
  • In God's Country
  • Bullet the Blue Sky
  • Helter Skelter, as peformed live at the Nassau Coliseum some time in the 80's, when I had 8th row tickets and before Bono annointed himself God.

In 1775, the Americans captured Fort Ticonderoga
Amazingly enough, previous mentions of Ticonderoga on this site:

1983, the last episode of Laverne & Shirley aired

My favorite L&S moments

  • When Laverne loses her job in the factory and has all kinds of adventures holding up gas stations to get the rent money
  • When Shirley finally gives Squiggy a pity fuck
  • When we find out exactly why they call Carmine The Big Ragoo
  • When Mr. Defazio installs the hidden camera in the girls' bathroom.
  • The naked lesbian mud wrestling episode

Happy May 10th.


Dang, I obviously stopped watching L&S at the wrong time.

I am shocked that you listed the Crew Cuts for "sh-boom" whose "white" cover of that song is awful compared to the original by The Chords

Hey, if you think Ethan Allen was interesting you should really check out Benedict Arnold... No Seriously.

He was also involved in the capture of Ticonderoga, involved in the creation of the US Navy, successfully delayed the invasion of New York at the battle of Valcour Island, and again at the Battle of Oriskany. He led two distinct charges during the Battle of Saratoga that led to Burgoyne's surrender. His leg was severly injured during the final charge when his horse was shot out from under him. There's actually a monument to Arnold at the Saratoga battlefield, but it doesn't mention his name.

No... Seriuously

Other than the whole selling West Point to the British thing he was actually a pretty good guy, and besides if you were passed over for promotion as many times as he was you might think about switching sides too.

I am outraged that you refer to the Laverne & Shirley "rent money episode" when it is but a pale imitation of the little-seen but highly superior 1931 French stage production, Le Loyer.

You know the lyrics to That's Amore? I only know the first few, then my recollection gets kind of weak:

When you look down and see,
An eel bite your knee,
That's a Moray!

He tells jokes, He's a ham,
His last name's Amsterdam,
That's a Morey!

Oh, give me a break.

The 1931 French stage production, Le Loyer, was a direct ripoff of The Begger's Opera, an original thee penny opera from the late 18th century written by John Gay. I'm outraged.

When Lenny and Squiggy burst into L&S room and ask if they have any sheets because theirs were "hard". Shirley's reaction was priceless.

Naked lesbian mud wrestling? I thought you had to have two women for that...

LOVE the Laverne and Shirley episodes!!!