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random camera phone picture: greek myth edition

The Flight of Daedalus and Icarus: Diorama, Mixed Media. By DJ, age 12.

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Icarus, frickin' typical teenager, thinks he knows EVERYTHING. (DJ won't remember this lesson in 2-3 years).

michelle, I sure hope you - er, I mean, DJ got an A on this - it looks great...lol.

And I hoped he learned at least one lesson - remembering when projects are due!

Everything except the fishing wire was his idea and he put most of it together himself. I did very little except help him dress the guys with felt.

Hey - that doesn't surprise me at all, coming from a kid with as much drive and energy as DJ has shown. He'll probably be like my oldest son...as he progressed in school, I never really had to worry about whether or not he was doing his schoolwork. He just seemed to have the knack of organizing his time and getting the work done without any angst or need to involve me in the process. All I'd end up seeing was the end results, and that was just great with me.

My second son, however, was a different story. By the time he graduated high school (something I worried might not even happen at times) I really couldn't picture him having the skills to manage college level work while living away from home. But he's getting his first degree at the end of the month, after going to school and working fulltime for two years. And he'll be transferring to the university next fall to continue his studies.

Miracles do happen.

Great job! And he can work under a deadline...

Now do the gasoline and Zippo version!

is there something strangely erotic about two naked guys with wings, or is that just me??