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random camera phone picture

Mother's Day, 2005

Yes, that's my present. We'll be banging on the drums all day.


Too funny.

Have a great day.

Well, I don't wanna work either.

Hey little boy,(cue bongos), with your nose pressed up against the window, we have no jelly doughnuts for you today... only death!

A Long Time Ago (yesterday) in a Galaxy, well, country, not too far away

You just can't make this shit up.

Our beloved Chancellor Palpatine demonstrates that either he is the sublime Sith master, using Jedi mind tricks to stifle irony, or he is as obtuse as a SovInformBuro apparatchik in the '30s.


"Stable, prosperous democracies are good neighbors, trading in freedom and posing no threat to anyone."

The president pointedly said, "The United States has free and peaceful nations to the north and south of us" and "we do not consider ourselves to be encircled."

"All free and successful countries have some common characteristics - freedom of worship, freedom of the press, economic liberty, the rule of law and the limitation of power through checks and balances," Mr. Bush said.

"The idea of countries helping others become free, I hope that would be viewed as not revolutionary, but rational foreign policy, as decent foreign policy, as humane foreign policy," Mr. Bush said.

Hello Jedi mind fuck.

OK, riddle me this, Batman: Is he saying that the United States is NOT a "stable, prosperous democracy"? What did he really mean by "trading in freedom"? Was it, trading freely? Or was it more like Steve McQueen said in "The Magnificent Seven"---"We deal in lead, friend." America really poses no threat to anyone?

[commented deleted because poster is a rude fuck]

I'm sooo jealous ...

though I did get Ren & Stimpy DVDs for my birthday ... not from my kids ...ok, nevermind ... sometimes being a mom sucks.

Happy Mother's Day, Michele. Bask in the bongo love!

Donkeyboy, WTF are you talking about and what does it have to do with what I posted. I sweartachrist, if you darken my door again with your off topic, nonsense comments I will find you and knockyouthefuckout. Nothing pisses me off more than people waltzing in here to drop their shit in places where it doesn't belong. Bug off.

Oh, I get it. It's a link to your BLOG. Which pisses me off even MORE. That's a sure fire we to make sure you never, ever get a link from me. I have stripped your URL from the comments.

Funny, I've been visiting your Blog for many months. Thought I'd post something witty and at the same put a link up on my site of your blog, since I've enjoyed your writing for so long now. Well, I'll come back but I'll walk more softly. If you want me to take your link off of my site, I will.

Dude, it's just rude to do it so off topic like that. It's just not right. YOu should have emailed me if you were looking to promote your blog. You don't just drop in on other people's comments and say "hey, this has nothing to do with what you're talking about, but HEY, LOOK AT ME!"

It's not good etiquette.

Donk, This is a culture blog, not a political one. And your post was neither witty nor insightful. You DO know that Michele is right-of-center when it comes to the War on Terror and the Iraq War, right?!

Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy beating on your Donkey Kongas and Donkeyboy alike.

I'm cueing up Todd Rundgren right now. I don't wanna work..."

Oh, and can I tear Donk to shreds? I'm kinda giddy after two shutout wins and need to vent. Just pass me the IP and I'll be on my way.

I'm banking that one.

I think I stole that one from Sekimori.

sweartachrist? what? I thought an entire generation of us raised East of the Mississippi and North of Mason-Dixon knew that one.

Not sure what this thread is all about, but just because someone is "right of center" means they support the war in Iraq?

Nice cake, by the way, like the cake.

"Not sure what this thread is all about"

Er. try reading it, quizkid. Or didn't they teach reading comprehension at your "publik skool".

You'd think they'd realize that "Donkey Konga" isn't a democrat moonbat dance.

BTW, Belated Happy Mother's day, Michelle.

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