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listomatic: Word to Your Mother


My mother:

  • Dressed me funny
  • Never believed me when I said I was sick and couldn't go to school
  • Forced me to do chores on Saturday mornings when their were cartoons to be watched
  • Made me take my little sister with me everywhere I went
  • Can never, ever do you a favor without putting you through the ringer about it first
  • Always has to have the last word
  • Is a bit argumentive
  • Is a NAG to the extreme



  • Taught me that books are wonderful friends
  • Taught me how to play stickball
  • Nurtured my passion for music
  • Taught me the words to every Broadway musical
  • Makes the best chocolate egg creams
  • Gave me my passion for horror movies and sci-fi
  • Is a wonderful, caring grandmother
  • Is the youngest 65 year old woman I know
  • Loves Pink Floyd like no one else I know
  • Knows the power of a grilled cheese sandwich served with a bowl of soup
  • Is going to kill me when she finds out I put her picture here.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, motherfu....eh, you get the meaning.

Also, a word to the wise, below.


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Geez. Your mom is only 15 years older than me.

By the way, michele - Happy Mother's Day to you....from one who knows the joy and terror of raising a 15 year old daughter.

Actually, she'll be 67 this year. I lost count somewhere along the line.

Happy Mother's Day to one of my absolute favorite mommies -- I learn from you daily!

Well, that makes me feel better. A little.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Michele
From the mother of both a 16 and 13 year old (girls)!

I lost count somewhere along the line.

I mentally froze my mother's age at 52 (she'll be 61 this year but I never told you that! Never!). I don't like to admit to myself that she's any older than that because it would have to mean I'm older than I think I am, too.

Your mom is too cute. It's not every mother who can make a righteous chocolate egg cream.

Happy Mother's day, Michele!

MMmm...grilled cheese with tomato soup. Nothing better in the comfort food category

except maybe tuna casserole made with potatoe chips. :-)

Here's a pic of my mom, circa 1954 holding a nearly nekkid me. She's 22 in the pic. A couple of weeks ago she and dad celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. I'm lucky to still have them both.