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Weezer's Make Believe: a review as it happens

weezermb.jpgI am listening to the entire Weezer album here, and reviewing it as I listen to it for the first time.

  • Beverly Hills - Youíve all heard/seen this by now. Riversí ode to being the odd man out. I think many, many Weezer fans can identify with the sentiment within. That the band managed to make the song infectious and fill the video with babes will make this one a chart topper.
  • Perfect Situation - good song, catchy, but almost expected, in a weird way.
  • This Is Such a Pity - bleh. Not liking it. Leaving me feeling dead inside, like Iíd rather be washing my hair or digging crumbs out of the couch, anything but sitting here listening to this.
  • Hold Me - melancholy, yet pretty in the way Only In Dreams was
  • Peace - right now this is my favorite. it's sweeping and emotional and plaintive and I imagine a million teenagers will be singing this one with their headphones on in their darkened bedrooms, little emo tears running down their cheeks
  • We Are All on Drugs - this is the next single. made for radio. Read into that what you may.
  • The Damage in Your Heart- it's just...Weezer. Can't explain it further than that. It's a typical Weezer song and when you listen to it you think that Rivers is the world's oldest teenager.
  • Pardon Me - I'm getting bored with the album now. I imagine that if one were to listen to the album several times in a row, the songs would all just blend into each other. The beauty of the Blue Album and Pinkerton was that each song seemed different than the next and not just a continuation of the one before it. Iím not feeling that here, nor am I feeling the fun that was on the Green Album and Maladroit. Ok, I like the end of this song, the way it builds up and lets go.
  • My Best Friend - You're my best friend and I love you. Gack. Insert finger in throat. I will not be singing this one in my car with the windows down. Despite the fun guitar in the middle of the song, it makes me feel way too Patridge Family to enjoy it. I wonder if he's singing to himself. After reading the Rolling Stone interview with Rivers, I can only conclude that he is his own best (and only) friend
  • The Other Way There's hand clapping in this one. I hate hand clapping in songs. I'm bored with this one, too. On it's own, it may be catchy and peppy and hit radio friendly, but when listened to as part of this album, well, it's like looking at one of those hidden pictures things in Highlights Magazine. Is that a tiger? No, it's a leaf. Wait, it's the tiger!
  • Freak Me out - I like this one. Oh, yikes, there's a harmonica. I think I just like the idea of singing, man, you really freak me out, man you really freak me out....it's got a surreal feel to it. Much better than the pop fest of most of the other songs. This will be one of my favorites.
  • Haunt You Every Day Weezer really knows how to end an album. This one is going to be my favorite. I swear, it's this one. The words are good and Rivers sings them with the strange passion that made Say it Ain't So and Only in Dreams give me chills. This is the one that will not make it to radio, but will be the one that older Weezer fans hit repeat on.

So, I like about half the album. Itís no Blue Album, but nothing in the history of rock, past or present, will be. Itís just ok, on first listen. I think Make Believe is going to be one of those discs that grows on me after several listens, but itís also going to be skippable, meaning there will be several songs that will get the NEXT button treatment.

As an aside, I think Rivers should give it up. It feels like he doesnít want to do it anymore and rather than be the Rickey Henderson of the music world, he should just go into seclusion now. Itís only a matter of time before he becomes an eccentric recluse, anyhow. Why not get an early start?


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If you send my Rivers away I will never, ever forgive you. Unless of course I can build him a meditation shrine in my bedroom walk-in closet and he can live there happily ever after as my little pocket band boy. Right next to Patrick Dempsey...

Thanks for linking to the album preview! I'm listening to it now.

"Itís no Blue Album, but nothing in the history of rock, past or present, will be."

It's always good to see someone else who share my reverence for the Blue Album. ;)

Erm, I saw these guys at coachella the other week, never really was a fan, nevertheless they really failed to impress live. Maybe it was just the whole Saturday line up, but that concert sucked. Seriously, with Weezer and Cold Play as the headliners...it was like HS girls "rockin out" all day/night long. All their songs just seemed whiney to me, as did Cold Play.

Wish I'd saved that $85...

How old are those guys anyway? I would figure that at some point in ones life, you would realize you can only come up with 15 million variations of one song, and then call it quits. Wasn't that like, 10 years ago for these guys - I mean, shit, they even played that damn sweater song at coachella. I think it generated the biggest applause. shakes head

I agree that Rivers should give it up. Now I've only heard a few songs from the album but what I have heard is not all that exciting. Compared to the classic adolescent freshness of Blue and the brilliant self-loathing of Pinkerton, their new stuff doesn't even come close. Come on...songs about wanting to be rich in Beverly Hills and "everyone does drugs"--I think Rivers ran out of ideas. Weezer is a great live band but I must admit their new stuff is a wee bit lame.

Dig your blog by the way.

I do have to disagree with you about Beverly Hills. I think that song IS Rivers. More than any other song he's written since Blue, BH is honesty. It may have a catchy tune and nice beat and the video may have hot, half naked chicks, but when you think about it, the song is a pretty sad testament to Rivers's self esteem.

I enjoyed their performance at Coachella, though my biggest problem with Weezer is that Rivers is so terminally shy (at least his stage act is) that he generates no excitement except in the music. Chris Martin of Coldplay is a showman extraordinaire, but Rivers just stood there, playing & singing.

I did think it was oddly amusing that when he introduced "We Are All on Drugs," three people standing around me lit up joints.

Always pay attention to what your fans say about you should do with your career. That always works...

Those "Haunt You Every Day" lyrics are so off and wrong it hurts. Your link has most of the chorus and second verse wrong. Nice going, Tool.

So instead of coming in here and being a complete jackass, why didn't you just say "wrong lyrics" and leave a link to the correct lyrics?

Oh, I know. Because you are a prick.

Ok, its no blue or pinkerton but come on what can compare to them?

It's absolutely NOT boring! and I might be stupid but that hand clapping is also in 'beverly hills'. I can't get enough of this album =)