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posted by: NOT ME!

From the April 18th Family Circus.

I bet Billy's "neighborhood" blog is the Wonkette of the Keane world. You just know there's some major ass-fucking going on behind closed doors in that town. And boy, won't Billy be suprised when he tries his hand at Citizen Journalist! and finds out his mother has been whoring herself downtown just to put some excitement in her mundane life. Will he sell out his mom and report it? Will he post instead about blogging ethics and personal responsibility? Will he go home, lock himself in the bathroom with a copy of MILF Weekly and eventually go blind and grow hairy palms?

No, he'll just blog it as a blind item, garner 100,000 hits when Gawker throws him a link thinking the item is about Blondie turning tricks to supplement Dagwood's income and Nick Denton will offer little Billy 20k a year to blog about who has the biggest dick in comic town. Eventually Billy is visited by the ghost of Gramps, who looks down in shame at his media whore grandson and Billy, finally sick and tired of Gramps watching over him, calls a priest to have the house exorcised when Grandpa doesn't believe that the little imp known as NOT ME has really been authoring the blog. The family in upheaval, Billy's mother leaves them to start her own escort service. The younger kids are sent to live with a foster family when Dad has a nervous breakdown. They're all sold into a child slavery ring operating out of San Diego and perish together in a factory fire.

See? Blogging is a slippery slope, kids. Even wholesome Billy can't escape its evilness. It's only a matter of time before Jack Chick writes a tract on how blogging makes the baby Jesus cry.

Or perhaps we can all just look at each other, nod knowingly and say, yes, when Billy of Family Circus has a blog, it's time to stick a fork in it.


Wow. And I thought my 404 page was odd. :)

Damn! You're terrible, Michele! (LOL!!) Just terrible!!

Jumped the shark? With Family Circus hitting blogging, I'd say it has jumped Seaworld.

LOL. Great 404 page.

Holy. Freakin. Shit.
I bow before your nuttitude, Long Island.
I get a pass for like...a week.

Last fall I got a series of comments from Bil Keane - or at least, from someone purporting to be him - on my blog. See this,
this this and this.

God, I miss the old Dysfunctional Family Circus page.

cheap excuse for getting a blow job from Mr Wilson

I don't have a blog. I have a online diary.*

*Bad grammar intentional.

"What next? Snoopy and Woodstock blogging.?"


Didn't you hear? There is already a Peanuts blog. This was the last post:

"Wah wah wah WAH, wah wah wah WAH...Indeed"


Soooo, does this mean family cicrus has jumped the shark, or that blogging has? ;)

Just kidding, family circus by a long shot. I think they jumped the shark when I was 2.