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1. Yea, I dumped Hubris. Nothing personal, just working on some changes. I still see him in my dreams, so it's not like I'll miss him.

2. Forgot to link Match Game Friday yesterday. It's not too late to play!

3. Holy nipple, Batman!

4. It's May. You know - short sleeves, barbecue, gardening, sun. Oh no. Not here. Here we get October in May. I'm having to dig the winter coats and gloves - not to mention umbrellas for the third freaking Saturday in a row - out of the closet to go to DJ's game today. Global warming, my ass.

The only thing that's going to cheer me up today is free comic books.


::: cough :::

You know the Yanks are in trouble when they can't even beat my lowly, bargain-basement A's

What nipple?