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Suckle this, lady

Everyone's talking about this poor woman who had to fly home from an overseas trip to breast feed her year old baby because the father couldn't get the kid to take a bottle. She expected the airline to pay for her flight (even though her ticket required a Saturday night stay in New York, which she didn't do) because it was an emergency.

A British mother flew from New York to London to breastfeed her daughter when the baby refused to take a bottle - and insisted the flight be free because it was a medical emergency.

Rosie Stamp, 32, a freelance video producer, made the journey hours after arriving in New York when she phoned home and heard year-old Betsy crying in hunger.

"I had no choice. She just wouldn't take the bottle," explained Stamp, who had expressed breast milk before leaving on the planned five-day trip for a crucial business appointment.

She said Betsy was in the habit of drinking water from bottles, so she and her partner, therapist Nicholas Bolton, 49, assumed the baby would take the expressed milk.

But "she of course knew breast was best," said Stamp, a strong believer in breastfeeding until babies are 2. The trip was the first time she had left her baby, who is now 16 months old.

The kid was a year old. Both my kids were eating solids at that point. Give the baby some infant oatmeal and water. That will keep her from starving and/or dehydrating.

I guess if the woman was passionate about breast feeding and wanted to come home, that's her prerogative, but it takes a certain amount of hubris to ask for your flight to be paid for.

Regardless of whether or not her ticket should be paid for, there's another story here. And that is this kid is going to grow up to be yet another in a growing number of children who have no idea how to fend for themselves, who have no coping skills or any idea how to make it on their own because mommy hovers over them like they're a fragile piece of glass ready to break at any moment, who obsesses about every little move their child makes - oh my god, he's going to go outdoors without a breathing mask and helmet on, STOP HIM!

And the husband is no better. What a useless man. He's the baby's father. What would he do if the mother died in a plane crash or something? Let the kid starve to death because there was no tit to feed on? Call your damn pediatrician and say "what the hell do I do?" and he'll tell you what to do - and it won't be "make your wife come home from her trip immediately."

Damn, I woke up on the wrong side of life today.

[*disclaimer in the interest of fending off the LaLeche league. Yes, I breastfed, so I know what it's like to hear your baby crying and have the urge to go home and feed her. But I also know that at a year old, I would have told my kid to man up, nancy and eat some damn oatmeal].


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OMG, it took her 36 hours to get home. It's a wonder the kid didn't suck both her tits off! ;)

What I find interesting is her quote from this story: "Although Betsy had been taking a little food, she had had virtually no liquid the whole time I had been away. She was very thirsty to say the least." She just got done saying the kid would drink water from a bottle!

And that useless "partner" of hers? What the hell good is he if he can't take care of his daughter? At the very least he could have taken her to the fricking doctor for help.

Bad parents make me very angry indeed.

I think it's all a scam. That length of time without liquid would have had the baby in the hospital on an IV.

I think it's a scam, too. I would hope the airline wouldn't cave and give her a free ticket, but I'm afraid they will.

Ah geez

I'm so tired of breastfeeding being transformed into some sort of Holy Relic. There was even some idiot "nurse-in" to protest supposed harassment of nursing moms and, of course, supporting a "non-discrimination" bill for nursing moms that mandates employers giving them time for pumping and forbidding them for being fired.

Get a grip. The breast is a delivery system there is not magical properties here and when your kid hits kindergarten no one will be able to tell if s/he was breast or bottle fed... (unless, of course, the mom is one of those whackjobs that still lets a 5 y/o have a boobsnack)

"Man up, nancy."

I am so using that.

By sixteen months, my kids could handle a cup with a sippee top.

What a pair of marroons (the parents, not the boobies). That poor kid is doomed.

Hey, I am a breastfeeding nazi and even I think this sounds like a load of horsecrap. Sure if she was compelled to rush home that's her choice, but holy cow, to expect the airline to foot the bill takes some damn gall.

Wow, I didn't picture you as a breastfeeder, hmmm....

Those are some pathetic parents.

I remember one time when I was babysitting a five year old girl (doing an overnighter w/ my 6 year old girl). The girl cried for her mommy, and the two girls were keeping each other up. So I stopped my phone conversation, brought the five year old out to the family room with me, had her lie down on the couch with her head in my lap, and let her cry herself to sleep while I resumed my phone conversation. :-)

She fell asleep after about 5 minutes, my girl finally fell asleep too (it was after 9 PM), no problem.

The family of the five year old's mother was pissed that I didn't call mom and terminate her evening out. I couldn't believe it. :-(

I learned what happens when you take some of the breast milk your wife 'expressed' using the breast pump and use it in the Salton Yogurt maker on the perfectly valid, if male, idea that you can introduce your young son to solids by making yogurt out of the, make that 'her', breast milk

... 9 years later, I still hear about it.

fwiw - my cousin's ex-wife breastfed l her daughter through age four ... I pointed out that I may be a lowly male, but I figured that moms could stop breastfeeding their kids by the time the kid was old enough to ask for the remote and find their programs before starting.

6 years later, they're divorced and she's off somewhere, he's got custody

Since when have the airlines ever given free trips for "medical emergencies" of ANY kind? If you're lucky, they might not charge you the full-boat last minute El Gougo fare if you can come up with a doctor's letter or death certificate, but that's the best you can hope for--not a frickin' free flight! This is why you buy trip insurance, lady. Geez louise.
As a scuba diver I get DAN insurance in case I need to be flown out to a decompression chamber or something. Nowhere in the booklet does it say "Oh yeah...first ask the airlines if they'll fly you back free. That'll save us some dough."

i had some trouble breastfeeding my first-born. there is this little thingy with a narrow tube on the end that you can put on the tip of your finger and let the baby suck on your finger and get the milk if you are worried about possibly sabatoging breastfeeding. that probably wouln't have worked for a two year old though.

now back to s.o.a.d on snl

Amen and Hallelujah.
(Although, this is not the kid's fault, and maybe not even so much the mom's fault as it is the dad's fault for not knowing how to take care of the kid. It's his job too!) He needs a smack up side his head.

My wife (aid worker) takes overseas trips all the time, and took one when our son was 6mos. old. She breastfed him, and she'd pumped a ton of milk for me to use, and I had plenty of practice bottle feeding him, but he'd decided he didn't like the Avent bottle nipple any more once she'd left.

So I went to buybuybaby and bought a half-dozen brands of bottles/nipples, and tried every last one until he fed successfully (from an Avent soft-spout sippy lid, of all things). The whole thing took an afternoon, including boiling the new bottles and letting them cool.

It's hard to think straight sometimes with your child wailing at you, but man up, indeed.