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Friday Photo Fiction Fragment

She knew the woods were magical; it was just a matter of time before she could prove it to herself. And now, finally, the chance had come. An open window. A sleeping aunt. One silent chance to sneak into the lingering purple twilight that beckoned her nearly every evening.

She slid across the wooden floor on stocking feet, making no sound save for the low wooosh that only the creatures hiding in the floorboards could hear. Once at the window, she quickly stepped up on the chair and the hauled herself through the opening before she could lose her nerve.

And there she was, just where she wasn't supposed to be. It was both dangerous and disobedient to be out during the purple time, but those were things that appealed to Bettina and she sucked in her breath as the spongy ground gave way beneath her feet.

She bounced as if on springs and with each bounce the ground creaked and moaned and dust fell from the Whiteleaf trees like a million dancing pixies. Blue mist rose and surrounded her like water and she half-walked, half-swam towards the edge of the property, where the purple stopped and the black took over.

[original of that picture can be seen here. Altered using Virtual Photogpraher for Photoshop, which is a kick ass filter and can be found here. Thanks to Robyn for that.

Consider this a preview of just part of what will be happening at scriberoptics.com, which is now mine, but will not be open for business for some time. Thanks to Stacy and Hosting Matters for super duper service, as always.]


and dust fell from the Whiteleaf trees like a million dancing pixies

Nice turn of phrase.

I'm definitely looking forward to scriberoptics.