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random camera phone picture

Giant beer: Cozy Mels, Westbury, NY

Happy American version of Cinco de Mayo.


The God of All Winos has returned! ('Silent Movie' reference)

mmmm... Dos Equis...

Or for those of you that don't speak Spanish...

mmmmm... two x's...

Hmmmm... so is the 4th of July a big holiday south of the border?

Cinco de Mayo, contrary to popular belief, is not Mexico's Independence Day. That's in September.

OK. Choose VE Day. Or VJ Day. Or Vetrans Days. or....

I think only Americans co-opt holidays from other countries and turn them into drinking festivals.

Ding ding ding. Give that lady a cee-gar!

Marge: "I'm here to share my moral outrage. But this time it's not about that giant inflatable 'Dos equis' bottle. It's about a certain house in our town."

"Can you drive this car home?"
"Sure, giant beer!"