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Randy Jackson Rocked the House (dawg!): Photoshop Contest
with prize! [UPDATED]

I've had a couple of requests for a Randy Jackson photoshop contest. This follows the news (to some of us) that Randy was once a member of Journey.
The idea is to Photoshop Randy into other famous (or not so famous bands). You can use these so-so pictures if you want, or find a wealth of Randy pictures here.

If you don't have Photoshop, but have an idea, email me and I'll see what I can do (though I'm headed out for a Cinco de Mayo [bastardized Americana version] lunch at Chili's right now, so give me time).

Either email me your entries or leave the image in the comments.

There WILL be voting and a prize! That's right, the winner gets a copy of whatever American Idol video (that's VHS, folks) Nat has laying around her room that she no longer watches.

So spread the word and get busy.

I reserve the right to discontinue the contest if there's only one or two entries by the time I get back.

Good, if bizarre, pictures in the comments.

This entry is from ASV special PS correspondent Keiran:

Randy joins the Bangles

Click for dawg pound size.


oh, please let this contest go on until tonight! for some reason, i'm being forced to do unrelated work all day... it's that whole "job" thing. bastards.

NWA (I think he'd fit in the upper right-hand corner). Just 'cause he looks so damn cheerful.

Dave, that's sweet!

Randy Jackson:The Tambourine Years. There was tambourine -- then there was "Jackson tambourine". The man could play, the man could play.

Wow. It's going to be hard to beat that.

and if you don't have photoshop, there is always The Gimp.

Geez, you guys....I'm giggling like a fool here. These are great.

I'm just waiting for someone to do Snoop Dawg. Or maybe Randy as Aretha.

I have no skillz but deeply appreciate those who do, as witnessed by the inordinate amount of time I spend perusing Fark's photoshop contests....

Here's a highly lame work-avoiding attempt.

Midgard, that looks more like O-Dub.

Speaking of Lynnard Skynnard, they're opening a local county fair here this Friday night - and we're talking SMALL-town....the biggest attraction is the demolition derby and the 4-H competition. Willie Nelson is playing on Saturday.

I saw Elvin Bishop there years ago. The only song he didn't sing was his "Party 'till the cows come home" which I figured was a no-brainer. Oh, well.

... that looks more like O-Dub.

Separated at birth? Notice the congenital arm folding:

man, that shit ain't right.

Movie-themed Samuel Randy Jackson:


A modern day warrior
Yo yo dawg
Today's Tom Sawyer
It was just aight

That last one was just aight for me.

Some people just don't know when to quit.

Like me.

More Samuel L. Randy:

Star Wars
Pulp Fiction

Dibs on Randy as Jango Fett (unless someone else gets it done first).

Based on a true outfit, here's a movie related one.
Music related and scary related.
Randy! Say it ain't so!

That's frickin' brilliant, dorkafork. Brilliant.