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apropos of nothing

I had a dream about Sherilynn Fenn and Sinn Fein last night. That must mean something, no?

Update: Today is the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands. Now that's weird. I haven't given much thought to Sands or Sinn Fein since college.


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Ya know, I'm a straight chick, and my brother is a non-straight dude, but when Sherilyn had a spread in Playboy (1990), we raced down to the local ChallyWally for a copy. Wow! What a gorgeous gal.

Don't read too much into that, it probably means that you right-clicked and selected 'View Memories By Name', thus alphabetizing your brain. Nothing more.

Didn't happen to be pub crawling 2nd. Ave last night around 3ayem, were you?

What Neuroto said.

Were they making out?

With the entire Sinn Fein? That would have been some dream.

what suli said. That was the first Playboy i ever saw. I stil remember the black and white and the cool effect that it did to her eyes.

Personally, i think it's sad that the most striking thing i rememebr about it was the pohotography. But hell, i was 12 when i saw it.


Sands death. Sinn Fein. Sherilynn Fenn (Fenian!)...UK consulate halfassed bombing....
You're sure you weren't slumming the 2nd Ave. Irish pubs?