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corey clark, randy jackson and don't stop believin'

You know, I'm not a big fan of Paula Abdul. I think she's batshit crazy and needs to spend at least a year away from any kind of public function or television camera.

That said, Corey Clark is a skank ho. Sorry, dude, but when you write a song about your supposed relationship with a celebrity, complete with snippets of conversations, and you call the thing Paula-tics, you need to be kicked in the nuts and shoved in front of a city bus. Get off my news page, you opportunistic media whore. I hate you. I hate that I listened to parts of your song on that stupid special last night. And I hate, hate, hate that because of your stupid ABC stint, I had to see pictures of Randy Jackson when he was in...Journey?

I don't believe this. It's got to be a hoax. Allmusic doesn't list Jackson as ever being a member of that band. And, the only Randy Jackson listed on Allmusic that I know is the lead singer of local ageless prog-rock bar band Zebra

I don't care about your photographic proof.

I refuse to believe it. Because the idea of Steve Perry and Randy Jackson on the same stage is enough to make my head explode.

[From what I understand, he was just part of the road tour. Thank jeebus, because I may have had to take Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' off my list if it were true. Aight?]

Paula? Don't stop believin', dawg.


It was an interesting special. You can't dispute the phone logs and some of the other evidence. Sure, they had type of relationship. It may have been sexual, they're both skanks.

What I don't get is that she obviously gave him cash, helped him, etc. and this is the payback. Granted she dropped him like a sack of filthy underwear when the criminal charges came up, but still.

Best part? His skanky parents. Man, you know they're on the social register.

Sorry, but Jackson's a verifiable and credible former member of Journey. He's even mentioned on the liner of their SMASH HIT (ahem) "Raised on Radio" as the bass player. And it wasn't just on the tour - he had a big part in the studio production of the album

Sorry. Allmusic is my absolute source on these things. Allmusic does not lie. I will NOT STOP BELIEVING that Randy "dawg" Jackson was a true, real part of Journey.

Zebra is ageless. I used to go see them regularly at Huck's Levee Bar in New Orleans in the late 70s. Awesome.

But why him? There must have better choices of who she wanted to "help" during that season.

Being a south Louisianian, I've seen Zebra more times than I can count. (Man, Randy looks a lot different on TV. Must be the makeup.) Really fun band to watch, although they don't hit the high notes like they used to.

Apparently they headed north at some point and became Long Islanders. They played here nightly, I swear. Speaks in Island Park. Saw them there about 200 times.

Just tell me what you waaaaaaaaant.....the radio station here still plays that.

He's in the video that came from Raised On Radio. Playing a polka-dot bass. He was definitely part of Journey.

I've known this for years. Where you been?

I think I've seen them 200 times or so, too. They left Huck's in New Orleans and went to Old Man Rivers in a suburb. I don't know if they played every night but it surely seemed like it. They used to talk onstage about going to New York. They split time between here and there.

Where you been?

In denial.

And I saw Zebra in Rapid City, South Dakota. They opened for Sammy Hagar's I Can't Drive 55 tour.

Randy or no, Journey's Greatest Hits is a cold. dead. fingers. iPod playlist ;-)

I was watching an old rerun of SNL a while back with Mariah Carey as the musical guest, and who should appear on the keyboards backing her up but Mr Dawg himself? Apparently the guy is everywhere. I'll bet if we check old photos of Metallica we'll find he bridged the gap between Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammett.

If this were true, I'd plead with you to shoot me. Between the eyes....

Sounds like a photoshop contest you should sponsor, Michele: "What other bands has Randy "Dawg" Jackson played in?" I'd definitely be good for 3 or 4 entries in that one.

I'd like to see him 'shopped' into a black and white photo playing drums for the early Beatles.

Well I KNOW I've seen pictures of Randy Jackson singing with the Jackson 5 (Post Jermaine).... Oh wait, wrong Randy Jackson.


Randy was a hired musician for Journey both on tour and in the studio. Journey...officially was Steve Perry, Neil & Jonathan Cain. The other guys were hired.

Didn't anybody else see "Behind The Music: Journey?" Why do you think there is all the animosity?

I Love Randy Jackson. He is my main Dawg....
I am president of th RJ fan club. If you have any ??? about the Dawg , call on me and either me or one of my pepes will let ya'll know.

The SF Weekly did a cover story a couple months back on Journey's reunion for their Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling. It said every current and former member was invited, including Randy Jackson.


Unfortunately the picture of the reunion is extremely small, but it didn't look like Jackson showed up as far as I could tell.

Corey Clark is scum from the slums. This latest stint should send him home. Start thinking for yourself people.

Corey Clark is an idiot. This whole scandal is to promote his lame album which would otherwise go unoticed since it sucks. I hope he ends up in jail or doing community service, which would be a much better help to society than his horrible attempt at professional singing. Id actually pay to get his songs off the air.

paula abdul? come on now. corey clark can do better that that. he is A#1 tonya harding material.

Where have you been?

Randy was a bass player for Journey from 1983 to 1986. In the 1980's, Randy was the MOST sought after bassist in the country. He worked with other top notch people in the music world such as Elton John,Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty. There is much more to him than meets the eye.