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555, the neighbor the beast

Yes, today is 5/5/05. And it is Cinco De Mayo. I have no idea if those two things happening together mean anything for the world at large, like a great meeting of tequila and numerology and the defeat of the French army; a convergence of such power and mysticism fronted by the ghost of the executed Maximilian becoming too much for the force field of the universe to handle and we'll all die in a galacic explosion of burritos, chimichangas and lotto machines blinking "555" over and over.

I'm too busy preparing for next year's 6/6/06 to care.


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You should prepare for next year's 6/1/06 instead. They've just determined that the number of the beast is 616, not 666 as previously thought. No, seriously.

The only thing that should follow 555 is 1212. Everything else is bogus.

Oh yeah, well I'm preparing for 7/7/07, two years from now! Take that!

Cinco de Mayo, favorite patriotic holiday of Mexicans who wouldn't be caught dead in Mexico. Do I have a chip on my shoulder?

I think a rousing rendition of Slipknot's The Heretic Anthem is in order.