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i'm going to regret this

Happy Star Wars Day!


It's May 4th.

You know.




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Suckit, geekette.

hmm where have I seen that before???



I really '8 these puns. Your poost may be funny 2 you, but 4 me, you're justing asking for a 5th fight.

The Lis(th)p Police are gonna be coming for you, girl.


(but I am gonna use it on my husband!)

A little Willie for the thread!

"I 'ate em. I 'ate his face and I 'ate the mess he left on the floor....you now what I mean!"

Ya know, lightsaber wounds can be pretty nasty... I'm just sayin'.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! You go, geek girl!

Laugh it up, fuzz-ball.

I've got a bad feeling about this...

"It doesn't matter where you run...it doesn't matter where you hide...it's going to find you, it's what it DUZ!"

I hear that in my head in the "Yogurt talking doll" voice.

hey...I wanna see what you come up with for tomorrow


Completely OT but I just saw Darleen's post and reminded me: I read article yesterday that said Iron Maiden and all the others got it wrong, that'666' is not actually the Number of the Beast. It is '616' and is actually a number puzzle. The article said new technology allows scientists to read old, previously unreadable papyrus'. Link too long but story was in yesterday's National Post (Canada).

This is not the Ham Sandwich you are looking for

And she had pun, pun, pun till her daddy took thesaurus away . .