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random camera phone picture

ham and swiss sandwich, my desk

I appreciate that the deli (my uncle's deli, in fact) likes to make sure their customers are satisfied, but who the hell can wrap their mouth around that thing, let alone finish it? A sandwich like this would kill someone like Ling Bai.

I just took half the ham off the roll. I'm going to send it to the hungry kids in China. Maybe I can finally get rid of the guilt that's been weighing on me since 1966, when I fed my spinach to the dog and got the "starving kids" lecture.


Not Ling Bai. More like Steven Tyler!

Can I just say how tired I am of seeing that woman's tits.

Mmmmm, ham. Looks like extra mayo, too; light on the mustard. Now, that's my kind of sammich.

I think you should just stop writing in your blog altogether and publish random camera phone pictures for the rest of your life.

Dear God I'm hungry. We have a place here that makes a sandwich that big and I WANT ONE.

That looks tasty & good.

Only in NY delis do they pile on like that.

Ask for double meat at any deli around here (VA) and you'll get 1/2 of what's in that sammich for 2x the price.

How much does that kinda sammich cost?

That was $3.95. But my uncle's deli is a simple, small mom and pop type place and that price is not indicative of what you may pay at other delis in the same area.

Knew it would be less than $5.

and that $3.95 is with no "family discount", I bet.

Mmmmm. I'd like to snatch that right off your desk. The kind of sandwich that makes lips part and get all moist. I love how the center is all pink and glistening. It's like a beautiful flower.

With plenty of creamy mayonnaise!

You know an awful lot about vaginas for a gay man, Keith!

Haven't been in one since being birthed.

I make it a point, however, to stay in tune with all the wonderful methods of perversion available to humans. Now I'm off to microwave a bagel and have sex with it.