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Scene: picking up daughter from high school, after hours. Several young girls mill around the front door, one of them dressed as if it's 90 degrees and she's at the beach.

Me: That girl is dressed like a hobag.
Nat: Eh, a lot of girls dress like that.
Me: It's against school regulations.
Nat: No, it's Tank Top Tuesday.
Me: 'Scuse me?
Nat: Tank Top Tuesday. Girls are allowed to wear tanks today.
Me: Doesn't say that in the papers we were sent home last week about warm weather dress code.
Nat: I think they just changed it.
Me: She's not supposed to be wearing spaghetti straps. And she's certainly not supposed to be wearing a shirt that lets her boobs hang out all over the place.
Nat: Seriously mom. The school says it's ok to dress like that.
Me: It's ok to dress like a ho?
Nat: On Tuesdays.
Me: Oh.


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and here, it's Thursdays that i can't get the hang of. Way to use 'hobag' in a sentence, though.


Duh (eyes rolling)... everyone knows about Ho-Tuesdays! Where have you been???

Time to send daughter to a private school?

All these conversations make me more nervous as a future father. Do they still make chastity belts?

To be serious, why didn't their parents teach them a little decorum and self-respect? I mean it seems to me that tennagers, which I was not to long ago, search for and secretly crave boundaries.

I can't believe I was able to post that while blaring AC/DC, which promotes that kind of thing. I'm suprised my irony circut breaker didn't cut in.

All these conversations make me more nervous as a future father.

Imagine how they make me feel as a current father.

Eh. There's nothing to be worried about if you're raising your kids right. I know my daughter would never walk around looking like a hobag. And honestly, there are more girls who won'tdress like that in her school than girls who will.

Also, I think Tank Top Tuesday exists solely in the minds of the students.

A sad commentary on our times, my friend.

So is it actually warm enough for tank tops up thar?

No. That's the point. It's cold as freaking February right now. I wore GLOVES to DJ's game last night, and a winter jacket. And this chick is flaunting her 16 year old boobs in a tank top. At school.

It's Trailer Trash Tuesdays!

What you really have to worry about is even though you have raised your daughter right, she still sneaks the mini skirt in her bag to change at her friends house...because that's what her friends do!

Heh, not likely. My daughter hasn't worn a skirt/dress willingly since kindergarten. She won't wear a two piece bathing suit. And she is quite enamored of really baggy pants with lots of zippers and chains and whatnot. She's not the "show off your body" type.

She's not the "show off your body" type.

More the "show off your gothy" type? ;-)

It's kind of a cross between Goth and punk, with a heavy dose of Napoleon Dynamite/band t-shirts and skateboard brand sweatshirts.

She's weighing all her options, I guess.

This is, of course, why so many businesses still refuse to relax their dress codes. My place of work, which is an absolute sauna in summer, fears that should they ever drop the jacket-and-tie requirement, then we guys will start showing up wearing nothing but tight leather waistcoats, studded rubber underpants, and bowties.

I swear I've only ever thought of doing that twice.

Hmmmm... the question is would you feel more comfortable if the conversation went

"And she's certainly not supposed to be wearing a shirt that lets her boobs hang out all over the place."

"Mom, everybody's seen them and they aren't that great."

Hmm, M, I think your readers should be able to see the cameraphone pics of the young lady in question, so that we could make our own unbiased assessments.

Please include close-ups of the "shirt that lets her boobs hang out all over the place."

Deacon, screw the irony circuit, you're right about boundaries. I needed to know the limits back in the day so I could crash through them in glorious snotty punkass glory. If you can do damn near anything without setting off the old parental/adult alarms, what's the point of getting up in the morning and plotting your daily overreach?

this had better be equal opportunity, cos if my son wanted to show bitch tits on tuesday and someone said no, I'd be sending Robert Paulson around. That's if I had a son. Hell, I just want to show my tits. Michele - can you show yours next Tuesday?

"Me: It's ok to dress like a ho?
Nat: On Tuesdays.
Me: Oh"


(I'm laughing, 'cos otherwise I'd be crying. I teach college and the dress code is literally "let it all hang out." Luckily my building is ALWAYS over air-conditioned/under-heated, so after the first week or two of classes, the girls decide that maybe a sweater over the hobag tank top is a good idea. Sadly, there's nothin' stopping the guys from wearing their "Big Johnson" or "Morning Wood Camp" t-shirts. And yeah, although I can appreciate an anatomical joke as much as the next girl, it gets kind of tiring seeing it every single day)

lighten up Michele. Since the creation of high school there have been girls who pushed the limits on the dress codes. In the 50's it was pointy bras, the 60's it was no bra and mini skirts, the 70's it was tube tops, the 80's were bra's worn on the outside, the 90's were boring.. and now a tank top... yawn.

there are the sluts, the goths, the preps the jocks, and those who land somewhere in between. If you think about it, nothing much has changed in the last 50 years

Our school's dress code was enforced pretty strictly for a public school. Short shorts and belly shirts and tank tops without something over or under them were grounds for being sent home, as were -- for some reason -- Bart Simpson "Underachiever and proud of it" t-shirts. Oddly enough, Lisa Simpson "Overachiever and DAMN proud of it" was allowed even in middle school. (Okay, now do the math... how old was I when the Simpsons debuted...)

Even my sister, who goes clubbing in fairly-revealing tops (but always pants; I haven't figured that out yet), never showed off skin in school. And she was a real handful in almost every other way.

Our valedictorian was a 6' girl with extremely long legs. She couldn't wear most regular shorts for her waist size (small; she ran track and played basketball and volleyball) because the cuffs came up above mid-thigh. Not in a prurient way; she just had really, really long legs.

Nice legs. But long.

I think they made an exception for her. I guess if you're destined to lead Harvard's women's b-ball team, that sort of thing is allowed.

This post = useless without pics. ;) :P

Cripes - I take it back! 16, ack.

I just had the world's stupidest debate about this very thing. I said something like, "I have very little patience for teenage girls who dress like hookers, then complain that guys on the street make obnoxious comments to them." I admit, I kind of did it to get a rise out of some of my friends who are knee-jerk second-wave feminists. I wish I could say I was surprised how many of them rose to the bait.

I think the long-term impact of porno-wear fashion will be to make sex boring. Civilization is going down the tubes, I tell's ya.