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random camera phone picture

Hempstead Turnpike, Long Island

Eventually, we're going to run out of room here. There will be more cars than space on the roads available.

I'm thinking of moving to Montana soon. Gonna raise me a crop of dental floss.

Onto the Little League Field. Five minutes on the map. Fifteen minutes of horn honking, brake squealing and cursing.


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what're you doing, e-mail blogging with that picture phone??

I like that picture through the winshield. Kinda looks like a 1970s photo but with modern car models time warped back about 30 years.

Any plans for buying a pygmy pony?...

You'll be a sensation. Overnight.

If it's illegal to use a cell phone while driving, what does the long arm of the law have to say about snapping pix? Either way, let me know what type of car you drive along with the license plate, so I know to steer clear of you (pun possibly intended).

I lived 3 miles east of that photo unitl about a year ago. I hated traffic on Long Island so much I sold my car and moved to Brooklyn.

Now I have an hour LIRR commute back to my job in Wantagh, but with an iPod, or a book for the ride, and everything I need within walking distance of my tiny apartment, I have never been happier.

gonna be the dental floss, queen?

Time to move to Texas...our Monday game was cold also - in the 40's. But it took me three minutes to get to the ballpark, no traffic. There are zillions of folks here that like the Yankees, too. We could use your son on our team.

Hey, my niece was born in that building (and my face was fixed there after the radiator in the Mustang I had at the time decided to blow up on it).

and you'll get a cup of coffee,
and give your foot a push
just you and the pygmy pony
over by the dental floss bush

FZ.. genius...