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today's list: untitled

make up your own title

  • fatigue
  • scratchy throat
  • upset stomach
  • difficulty concentrating
  • pain in right ear,
  • vertigo
  • crankiness
  • that bloated feeling
  • irritability
  • tender, swollen boobies
  • craving for pringle's salt and vinegar potato chips
  • tense muscles
  • desire to throw stapler across room (alternated with)
  • crying jag while listening to a stabbing westward song


Time to get on the right damned pill, I'd say.

ohh man, I hate it when my bbobies are tender and swollen!

Well, I don't know about YOUR condition, but you've perfectly summed up the first trimester of my pregnancy.

I assume I should pray it's just the flu? ;)

Hah. Unpossible.

Uh oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays. (Just a day late)

I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.

Ok, gents...for the next few days, we'll need to be extra, extra good.

Sounds like an ad for Budweiser.

I believe Shawn nailed it perfectly. No need for me to chime in with my own translation.

you forgot: stabbing pain in your lower back


this ibruprofin ain't working.


  • pain in right ear,
  • vertigo

The earache/vertiginous feeling combo always signals an ear or sinus infection for me. I hope that's not what you've got (or I hope it is, if that means you can get over it sooner).

craving for pringle's salt and vinegar potato chips

Not to be a whiner, but it's not very fair to foist this off on your devoted readers. I haven't even found a grocery store in town that carries 'em...

Run for the hills, every man for himself!!!

Keiran, after searching high and low, I found them at a dollar store of all places.

I'll see if they still have any stock and send you some. I owe you, anyhow.

This sounds like the bonus round of the $25,000 Pyramid, but I never was good at that, so I won't play.

But I can go to the local store and get me some pringles salt & venegar chips, so I got that going for me ;-)


Brainworms, dude.

I mean, duh.

U have teh cootays.

Quick, everyone put on a Yankees hat and start talking about Thurman Munson.

Um, that stapler your thinking about throwing... it's not a red Swingline, is it?

Note to Michelle's co-workers: "Hide the matches."

(This would have worked SO much better had I followed up my original comment, but I had a long meeting)

Ha, join the club! I'm there too! Crying jag while reading childrens story, though.

Chairman of the Democratic Party-itis

I'll take "one slipped past the goalie" for 500 Alex...

hungover and can't remember what ya did last night or...hungover and trying to forget what you did last night.

Actually I prefer the Lay's dill Pickle flavor when I feel similarly....

Stabbing Westward? Come on now, that's pretty bad.

Take two Hershey bars and call me in the morning.

Stacy's right. That's exactly how I felt. I can put you in touch with someone who can assist you (but don't tell Hundred Percenter)

What are, "Other things Pat Roberston has complained of and blamed on federal judges?"

You're at least 10 years younger than me but most of those symptoms describe ME as I'm currently going through menopause (or peri-menopause or what the fuck, will this menopause thing please end before I drive the car thru the 14 hour Saturday sale at SteinMart)

But substitute Lays Masterpiece BBQ Potato chips for the Pringle thingy ...


Is that you?