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listomatic: the people's choice

I'll get around to those songs later. I'd like to offer some downloads to go along with the annotations, so I'll have to do that post from home.

However, I'd like to make some more lists, seeing as that we all seem to like them so much.

Taking suggestions. List titles can involve music, movies, tv, books. No "favorite movies ever" or anything as simple/boring as that. Be creative.


How about a list of "guilty pleasures?"

Movies you've been meaning to see, but are just never in the mood for?? (I have one - we've owned it for two years now and I haven't watched it yet.)

OH - movies you turned off half-way through (or movies you walk out of - although I never go to the theater, so I've never done that.)

Here are 10 lists for you (a meta-list, you could say):

1. Movies that influenced you
2. Movies that you can't help quoting
3. Songs that stick in your head for weeks
4. Books that you've devoured in 24 hours or less - (must be 250+ pages)
5. Books that were awesome up until the end, when they just SUCKED
6. TV shows that defined your childhood
7. TV shows that need to be released on DVD
8. Best commentary on a DVD
9. Coolest feature/easter egg on a DVD
10. Best worst movie (movies that are so bad, they're good)

how about "movies that seemingly everybody in the world has seen, except you"


The Goonies

or how about this one - guess the next 70's/80's movies/TV shows/icons that will be made into a movie (Scooby Doo, Fat Albert, Dukes of Hazzard, etc). bonus points for guessing which skanks will star in it (because those remakes never get "respected" actors, do they?)

Shopping list for Wednesday

Can of Crisco
multicolored sprinkley things
balloons. lots.of.balloons
duct tape
green tea
incense holders
5 copies of National Geographic
plastic spatula (not another metal one!)
silly string (4 cans)
pack of gum (juicy fruit)
green grapes
a coconut
C and D size batteries
12 × 12 3mil plastic sheeting
tempura paint
whipped cream
feather duster
hershey bar

Watch it Mikey. Linda Cardellini aka Velma aka Freaks and Geeks chick is teh hawt, no skankage there.

How about a list of songs/movies that were popular when you lost your innocence? Or the first 5 records/CDs you owned?

Most over-rated movies?

1) Best Instrumental rock/pop song
2) Worst band image/gimmick
3) Best nude scene (in a non-porn film)
4) Most overrated acting performance
5) Favorite song written before 1950
6) Sappiest movie evAr
7) Favorite animal character in a movie
8) Worst dialogue in a movie

I wanna know what's going down at Wind Rider's on Wednesday night!

in my defense, i wasn't insinuating that Cardellini was a skank... because, really, even though she was one of the main characters, she wasn't one of the "stars" of the movie. it was all about Prinze Jr. and Sarah Mish Gellar.

List of random things that make me happy:

1.Scrapped Princess Anime

2.VALIS, autobiographical-ish novel by Phillip K. Dick about his encounter with the Divine (Grant Morrison perhaps used this liberally as source material for the Invisibles)

3.Anticipating to buy new RPGs by Atlus: Atelier Iris Eternal Mana, and Stella Deus, both of which are high fantasy and very animelicious

4.Food blogs

5.Penny Arcade

top ten things you wouldn't open your mouth and say aaaaaaaaah for

TV/movie/literary characters you'd most like to have an incestuous 3-way with...

(...yeah, like nobody else out there's ever thought about it...)

Best toys/playthings from your childhood (or best ever).