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a short review of the new NIN album

I anticipated this album with fangirl glee, I tell you. I wanted to love it, cherish it, make love to it, breathe in its glorious air....I wanted to embrace it.

I was teased with one song back in February. I was expecting brilliance. Genius. Aural orgasms.

Now, after fifteen or so listens, and fully understanding that it took me months to fall in love with The Fragile, I am ready to make my judgment.

The album is cold and unfeeling and has no soul, much like my ex husband.

That's it. My entire review. Subject to change in a month or so when I, feeling like I owe Reznor something for the hours and hours of self-pity he has afforded me with his music, will give it a few more listens and decide it has grown on me.

And of course, I'll be at Best Buy during my lunch hour buying the damn thing (the DualDisc format), because my obsessive compulsive nature forces me to complete CD collections even though some of that collection may be crap on a disc. 19 halos, man. That's more than Mother Theresa, I bet.

Bonus: The Ghost that Feeds: NIN meets Ray Parker, Jr.

Extra bonus: Dave Grohl appears on the album, which is like having gold in your pocket.

Hey, Fred Durst likes it! Warning: clicking on that site will load up some sound that's supposed to be Limp Bizkit channeling Rage Against the Machine, but is more like fifteen dying cats and a sputtering retard falling down a canyon.

Update: My husband brought up a good point in that he thinks I may not even want to like it, and I am subconciously distancing myself from NIN because I have come to the realization that this album is going to be the one that makes people go from "Oh, NIN? Aren't they, like, a goth band or something?" to "OhmyGOD! Like, Trent is gonna be on the OC tonight! OMGWTFLOL Trent is teh hottiez 4eva!! LMAO haha fuck me like an animal, Trent!"


Back in the mid-90s, a friend of mine was trying to win a backstage pass to see NIN, simply so he could go up to Trent Reznor and say, "It's been ten albums. She dumped you. Suck it up and get over it."

While I was a fan at the time, I would have loved to see that.

I always felt that way about Stabbing Westward. As much as I loved their stuff, I always wanted to go Chris Hall and tell him to get the fuck over it, already.

Or, it could be just like you said, it lacks a soul. I was pretty prepared to like it. Someone asked me what I thought of it the other day and my answer was pretty much the same. It feels like it's trying to sound like all the old stuff fans like about NIN without any of the feeling.

OTOH... I do like some of the songs a lot. It kind of reminds me of Cracker's Golden Age in that I like all the songs on the album but don't like listening to the album. Maybe this new album will be good mix tape fodder.

Looks like I may be having to recant half of my initial review (late March)...

I was like "eh, it's got its good and slow patches" until the last few songs - which I thought were awesome. It being a crowded hall full of fellow NIN clones, and since said clones started dancing along with the music during those last few songs, that's what stuck with me.

I apologise to anyone who rolled their eyes at my sloppy BJ of a "review". Sorry. Got caught up in the mob mentality.

Basically what Michele is saying is that we should listen to the CD alone at the record store without a cluster of clones around. Maybe she's wrong, and I hope she is, because this was an album I'd been waiting for.

Damn, it's only 9:20 here and I already want a drink.

That's it. My entire review.

Reminds me of the review for "Shark Sandwich" from This is Spinal Tap

I haven't liked any of the albums since Pretty Hate Machine. There were a few songs here and there that caught my attention, but the albums themselves were all letdowns.

I'll probably end up buying this one, too, in hopes that it can rekindle my love of Trent. I'm not feeling very hopeful, though.

I think what I liked about Pretty Hate Machine was its raw, visceral anger--and, at that point, it felt very real. Everything after that just seemed like a pose from a very wealthy, widely worshipped man.

Maybe a good drug addiction would help...

Trent's still alive?

And people still buy NIN albums?

Who knew? I gave up after Fixed and Broken came out.

I listened to my copy of "The Downward Spiral" not too long ago, and it dawned on me: I'm not the same angry hateful fuck- up that I used to be...I've really mellowed. I'm glad I saw them live at the 1st Lollapalooza, but now....meh..don't care anymore.

I used to like NIN. Then I grew up.

For what it's worth, I have a bit of hearsay knowledge of Chris Hall from Stabbing. From what I've gathered, the guy is a complete and utter simpering tool, and in my opinion anyone who makes cheating on his wife a matter of routine is no longer allowed to write sensitive songs about how some girl somewhere done him wrong. That said, the rest of the band seems okay to me, and some of the songs were really good.

My bf just went to the concert they played in SF at the Warfield. We tried to get tickets for both of us, and had waited patiently by the computer until the minute tickets went on sale, only to discover that scalpers had bought up banks and banks of seat tickets. We could only manage to get the single ticket, and so he went alone.

Turns out the joke was on the scalpers. The show sucked. It was barely over two hours long and that was with the opening act of the Dresden Dolls throwing in. It was a mediocre performance and Lee was home at eleven.

(BTW, we wanted to like the album. We heart the NIN normally.)

I tried to tell everyone...it's just not there anymore. Trent lost his mojo in 1997 and has never gotten it back again.

Haha, it's just like that one-sentence review on amazon: like everything else, you just have to get used to it. The Fragile was like that for me. I didn't like much of it at first, then I liked more, then more, then I liked pretty much all of it. That process took YEARS.

Heck, I didn't really like "Ruiner" until just a few years ago.

Still, I would have liked more instrumentals. "Just like you Imagined" is still my favorite.

courtney stole his mojo, shot it up and then fucked evan dando up the ass with it.

Randy - BINGO!

I saw NIN up in Boston with Manson and the Jim Rose Circus Side Show. What an insane concert that was - the Boston Garden nearly collapsed on itself (it was torn down shortly afterward). The flor was literally torn apart and there were ginormous piles of chairs from the resulting mosh pits. Were were on the second level and the whole thing was moving up and down to the point we actually thought it was going to fall. It was great. Ever since that point in time, NIN's stuff has gone downhill quality-wise with each release, and I don't think I've cared for anything past Perfect Drug.

I did get scared when the 'Yakees Suck' chant started in after each act (why the hell were they doing that at a NIN concert to this day baffles me, but who can begin to explain Boston), but the energy of that show was beyond anything I've ever seen. I think it sucked up most of my anger, so now I;m just bitter these days instead :-p

Damn.. Is this a NIN hate site?? Where's the love?? Everything Trent comes out with is different, I don't understand why people can't accept that... And get over it.. No album has ever came out sounding the same.. None of them.. Thats what I love most about Trent.. He changes, and so does his music, so do we all.. .. just look at him, through the years, and then take a good look at yourself... Nothing stays the same.. So listen to it, or flame it... your choice, but there are a million others out there who understand what I'm saying... I'll defend him until the end.. May 30th at the Soma.. I'll let ya know....