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she's just one layer short of a wedding cake

"'Cause we haven't walked down the aisle, just because we haven't stood in front of 500 people and said our I dos, you know, my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger and I'm not backing down from that now," Mason told Hannity.


Mason also offered a broad message of forgiveness. "Ain't we all messed up? Ain't we all made mistakes?" he asked.

Dude. Her mistake had people pointing the finger at you for her murder. She didn't just flake out on you, she took off and left the equivalent of a flaming bag of poo on your wedding bed.

He's going to marry her, knock her up, and she'll go all Susan Smith on him some day. Wait for it.

Quickie poll: Take her back or kick her to the curb?


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Me, I'd curb her. But what I really wanna hear is all the "he killed her, I just know it" people admit how very wrong they were and explain why they just knew it.

Kick that crazy b*tch to the curb.

Curb the bitch and press charges for false police reports.
Some poor guy in a blue van almost got fingered for her kidnapping. Crazy bitch.

Were I Mason, I'd curb her, but only after some tremendous make-up sex.

Hell, every Georgia Peach in, errmmmm, Georgia knows that I'm single, wealthy, not a commitment-phobe, or a fiance-murderer ... man, I'd be getting laid six ways to Sunday.

On the seventh day I'd rest.

Give Little Mace a day off.

To the curb. Could not imagine waking up to those eyes every morning. And SHE has to pay to send all those wedding gifts back!

To the curb!

I hope that both of them have the sense to put it off a year, get her some therapy (and probably him, too.) After that, they might make a go of it. If they run off and get married next month, things will not go well.

It really depends on her. If she's like xxx it wouldn't matter, xxx was a flake and we all tried to tell yyy that she was crazy as a fruitcake but he wouldn't hear of it for twenty years. Finally yyy woke up and xxx divorced him.

Dude. You know Vin Diesel??

Take her back.

1) Talk a good game on national TV about forgiveness, then
2) Stay way the hell away from her after the press dies down.

not only would i kick her to the curb, but i'd curse myself for ever being attracted to a bitch like that.

and that dude? taking her back? he's gotta be the most whipped guy this side of Doug Christie... (NBA player - not allowed to be in a room where there are females present unless his wife is there. once asked his wife if he could go to a bachelor party, and she set his car on fire. they get married every year on their anniversary, and if you've ever seen him play, after every made shot, he does a hand gesture proclaiming his love for her.)

Go ahead and have the wedding as planned. Then, when the minister turns to him and says "Do you... etc", he should turn around, without saying a word to anyone, and walk out.

He won't curb her...he's going to wait a bit...really kill her...and no one will look for her because, ya know, that whole crying wolf thing.

He should chase her away with Raid, and be eternally thankful she went flaky BEFORE the wedding.

I weighed in earlier today. Run! She crazy. AND spoiled. F that.

Ya know, if those two crazy kids can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

He should kick hard, and make it hurt. And then sign up for serious psychotherapy. The guy has got be effing nuts to still want to marry that bitch.

Take her back, you know, until you get bored of her.

'cause, like, since she caused a nationwide manhunt, and made people think that you were the next Scott Peterson, you'll have all the leverage in that relationship.

She did him a huge favor by showing her true colors,he should thank the stars above and boot the bitch.There is not enough therapy in the world to fix her.

I think he should dump her ... FAST ... and get therapy ...NOW...because he's talking just like all those idjet battered females that come through our office begging us not to prosecute sweetypoo who blackened their eyes and loosened a few teeth because "he really really does LOVE me..you don't know him like I do ... he's promised never to do it again ... yadda yadda yadda" (and yes, we get a number of males that do that too...now you see it on national tv)

"You cannot leave, you cannot leave, you love me, I am infallible, you are bound to me, now act like a chicken ..."

Jaw, meet Curb.

He ought to kick her to the curb (just don't impersonate Doug Brien and miss), then he'll end up as TV's next Bachelor...


Jaysus, Migard..I can't ...look...away...

brawk! brawk!

None of my business.

Not only dump the bitch, but campaign hard for the county to make her pay for the costs of all of this.

Yeah, I gotta a question for the dude? What you thinkin!? You got your ass left at the altar, and now you gonna take her back? And I gotta tell the girl: Girl. You need to get yo head together, and started treating people wit respect now. Because life is precious. And God. And the Bible.

The last famous person to run loose and crazy in New Mexico was Billy the Kid! Check to see if she's left-handed before promising to take her back.

Curb, curb, a thousand times CURB! No makeup sex, do not pass 'go', do not collect marriage license. And absolutely she should pay for her own manhunt, and after that apologise to all the poor saps robbed by crooks who evaded the law because the cops were lookin' for her worthless arse.

And as for having the leverage in the relationship - it's not worth it. Like the Ring, it is far too corrupting.

My parent's wedding was postponed by either my mom or my grandmother freaking out over it.. So they just eloped.

My wife and I continued that tradition by getting married by a justice of the peace and arranging the party afterwards.

If anybody here is seriously worried about what-to-do, I would suggest the chickenshit option I took.

Sell her story to Hollywood and make it into a movie.

Oh, wait. They already did that.

Seriously - any two people who'd spend $100,000 on a wedding are nuts to begin with. Intensive therapy all around, and she bears the brunt of the cost for the manpower involved in the search. If she has to sell her really pretty wedding dress that she's dreamed of since she was a little girl,too bad. Make sure the guy gets the engagement ring back.

Oh - and return all the gifts so the people can get either their money back, or give them to someone else who actually makes a committment and doesn't back out of it at the last minute.

If anyone held out any hope that these two defectives would not come together and pass their respectively crummy genes on to the next cursed generation, those hopes are now, following that peach-jelly faced moron's avowal of undying devotion to a lunatic, officially dead. Had he any judgement, he would have been a rapidly receding cloud of dust on the horizon 48 hours ago. Had he any friends, they would have already Photoshopped her face onto a JPEG downloaded from the Goo Girls paysite, although they couldn't be confident that he wouldn't just repeat that pathetic "Ain't we all messed up? Ain't we all made mistakes?" crap.

Short aside to the groom: Listen carefully, dumbass, nobody mistakenly buys a ticket and takes the Dog to Phoenix, Arizona, via Las Vegas, Nevada. It's dickless pinheads like you who ruin Christianity (in your case, we'll change the name to Christy-inanity) for everyone else, and give certain troublesome Mohammedan savages the idea that the West can be forced to submit.

Please keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen--if these two get married, they might very easily breed, and then civilization will face bigger problems than idle speculation about whether they say "I do".

Convince her that your still gonna marry her, have the wedding all ready with folks and media filling up the aisles at the church and then leave her ass standing there like the complete wanker that she is.

Or, curb her ass.

He should have known she was crazy when she planned to have 12 bridesmaids. Curb.

I think they both deserve each other. They sound equally flaky. They should be forced to marry at the justice of the peace (no cake, no dress, no party, no maids of honor) and celebrate afterwards at IHOP.

Waffle House would be even better.

Kick her to the curb so hard her butt cheeks are impressed on the asphalt.

I like the idea someone else had of going up to the wedding, then walking out during the ceremony.

BUT I still don't understand why he wouldn't take the police poly?

I don't care what they do as long as neither of them are allowed to breed. Psychos should not have children because their children are then even more psycho because they have both psycho genes and psycho parents.

Kick her to the curb

If she really cared about him, she'd have explained that she needed time out from the wedding rather than just running.

PLUS - I'm a little perturbed at the nearly-automatic assumption that the man in the relationship killed the missing person. That assumption was WAY too quick.

Curb her, or else, if he's gonna insist on marrying her, make her get her tubes tied (or him get a vasectomy) so we don't hear in three years or so that she's lammed it again, this time because she can't deal with the "pressures" of motherhood.

I will say, I really like the idea of him making off that the wedding will go as planned, and then leaving her alone at the altar like the giant boob she is.

I dunno. I just keep thinking of my brother's friend who fled Ethiopia, wound up in a refugee camp in Sudan where he contracted malaria, then got shipped off to Sweden (where he didn't speak the language) and finally got sponsored by a family to come to the U.S. THAT'S facing hardship. Getting up and saying "I Do" when you've invited 600 of your nearest and dearest (and have 28 people standing up for you, and a Wedding Registry so "gimme" it would make Martha Stewart blush) is NOT facing hardship.

Maybe this chick needs an "Outward Bound" experience to teach her what priorities are in life.

Ricki, she did have an outward bound experience, when was the last time you were in the southeast heights of Albuquerque? This is the area the cops call the war zone. If she'd landed somewhere safe, she still wouldn't be back.
And do you know how many felony stops there were in ABQ that night involving mexican men and white women in vans? Literally dozens. And if one of the cops that had drawn down on one of those vans had tripped, or sneezed, or couldn't get the guy to understand because he only spoke spanish had killed someone, then what? They wouldn't have gone after her for that.....but somebody would have had to live with it. Curb.
On the other hand, I myself have been on the freeway, just gotten paid, and thought about just keeping going till I hit Vegas, dropping my check on the first roulette wheel I saw and yelling "all of it on red!" But I would call someone and let them know, I guess that's the difference huh?

And Midgard.......nice!

Run away! But then, if he had sense he'd probably have done that a while ago.

I knew of a guy in law school, got left at the altar. In Europe (I won't name the country here; bride was from there). Whole family flew over there, she stood him up.

He still married her. Who can explain people?

curb, curb, curb, curb, curb!!!!! kick the bitch to the curb. As a matter of fact, if it were me, I'd be damn well considering committing that murder I was a suspect in a few short days ago.

One good round of 'make up' sex, then hit the bricks...

To the curb, hard and fast, via a big-ass shit-kickin' boot to the head.

If they really do get married, then the terrorists have won.

Good grief. Who the hell cares what "we" think?! He's the guy who's got to make the choice. It's HIS decision.

This was not a front page story, EVER. Get a life, people.

Tex, get over yourself, k?

Curb. She's batshit crazy, yo.

Curb. And if he has any real friends at all, they will take him out and de-program this dude, so he is able to see how stupid he is right now. Just think how many guys and gals are out there who wish with all their hearts the same thing would have happened to them...so they would have been saved the expense and heartache of the divorce when it finally happened.

Yeppers Curb!!

Curb. You've just gotten the equivalent of a Get Out of Jail Free card. Run, Forrest, run!!!!!

I'd give her the boot, but only after we had wild-monkey make-up sex where I took pictures of her doing ungodly filthy shit and posted it on teh intra-web-net.

Police polys are designed to collect evidence of guilty thinking, not evidence of non-involvement, by asking confusing questions that invoke lymbic responses. IANAcriminaldefenseL (or any other kind of lawyer) but I can't imagine circumstances where I'd ever take one. None. More people get themselves into trouble talking to cops than have gotten themselves out of trouble.

I think she has some serious issues which need to be addressed. (Obviously.) If he wants to take her back though, that's up to him. She's a lucky bitch though--not many guys would stand up after being put through the ringer so publically.

Jim S,
I married my wife over there (Japan), nobody from my family attended, her mom didn't make it (OK, her sister was at home having a baby - she's got an excuse) and we've made it 30 years and 3 kids so far. Who needs a big wedding anyway?

Curb. So fast that there would be a REASON for the wide eyed look.

Step away from the nutcase. Start walking and never look back.