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random camera phone picture

I Don't Like Mondays Edition

My desk, undisclosed location on Long Island


I've got to ask. Is that Arafish's Red Folder?

Always good to remind us lawyers what our work product looks like from the other end.

Hey, you're at the undisclosed location?

Say Hi to Dick Cheney for me!

[grumbles about lawyers and their penchant for paperwork]

Where is Mathilda? No wonder you lost her that one time! :-)

I still wanna know how you managed to swing a refrigerator and a microwave in your office.

The fridge comes with the office (it's a judge's chambers, so it's not here solely for my benefit) and the nuker came in from home.

OK thanks... I'm still trying to get my boss to let me bring in a fridge for my 6×6 cell, but no dice(yet).

I just wanna keep some Gatorade and Guinness in there, I don't see what the big deal is.

One might presume that is a picture of the incoming rather than the outgoing. (Begins humming Sixteen Tons.)

It's incoming that needs to be reverted to outgoing.

I see. So, this is why the court system is all backed up. You're too busy taking pictures of your work to actually DO any!

If I had a camera on me, I could take any number of pictures that approximate that.

The Legal Industry: Singlehandedly keeping the Logging Industry in Business...

it could be worse. you could work at the zoo cleaning elephant shit all day.

but it looks like you need some desk toys. no, not those kinds of toys... perv.

Damn... and when I took over one of the complaint desks with SIX banker boxes overfilled with police reports going back at least six months I now know I should have snapped a pic of it.

At least most of the PD reports are typed... for all my years on the Superior Court desk I got tired trotting back to a DDA's office to please ask him to translate the posting written in cuniform instead of English.

Actually, my own desk is much worse, pretty much perpetually.

where'd you hide Geoff's dick?

I always keep that in a safe box in the bottom drawer.

Oh, tell me that pile of folders is NOT squishing the action figures!!!!!

Oh, the humanity...