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simpsons laugh count

(1st Episode)


which came at the expense of Stephen Hawking.

(2nd Episode)


which came at the expense of Jimmy Kimmel.


Time for Family Guy! Woohoo!

Update: Now that was freaking awesome. It was so good to see Greased Up Naked Guy again.


Don't worry, Revenge of the Sith will soon be here...

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Sweet.

I got here via Neptunus Lex's site. The name of this site caught my eye as FNM's A Small Victory is my alltime favorite song. I'll read more of your jazz when I get time. I'm digging all the music critiqueage.

You didn't find some of the FG jokes a little...preachy? And dated as well? If that episode aired like, 6 months ago maybe it would have been timely.

It was funny, but there was a bitter undertone to it and I knew I wasn't welcome in Seth's world when I was done watching it. Not that it'll stop me from watching the show in any way...

Love me some "Family Guy".

Glad to know you love it too.

That's greased up DEAF guy, but whatever.

It was also a very Stewie-light episode, which is always annoying.

And Brian would never read Michael Moore. That was just stupid.

Deaf and Naked!

I knew people were going to get all up in arms about the Michael Moore book/politcal bent of the show. Does it matter? It was still funny.

"I'm not welcome in Seth's world"

Uh oh, do I detect a hint of hurtfullness here? Just so long as no one uses the term "meanspirited" I won't open my can of whoopass.

Hey, I'm not welcome anywhere, and I consider that one of my greater accomplishments. Barging in where you're not wanted is more fun.

"American Dad" (is that what it was called?) that followed wasn't too bad either.

Ok, what was up with that Ray Romano Simpsons episode? It was more frustrating than funny.

♥♥♥ Family Guy - so glad to see it back.

Seth MacFarlane is a raging Democrat, no doubt. His interview with The Onion's AV Club included this perplexing line, when asked if Bush's second term would make American Dad a funnier show: "I would gladly give up the comedy to have a President Kerry."

While I'm hardly a huge Bush fan, MacFarlane and I are clearly never going to see eye-to-eye on things political. But you know what? I don't care. Family Guy is a good, clever, refreshing show. I will gladly ignore some bits of political commentary to see something good on the air.

Besides, animation is time-consuming. Last night's episode was probably written and performed around the time of the election, or very early this year. As November 2004 gets further and further away, I sense the politicizing will leak out of Family Guy. That is not what the show is about, and never has been.

American Dad, on the other hand, is merely a poorly executed platform for MacFarlane's political beliefs. Yawn.

Although, I did find the Kichuich 04 bumper sticker pretty funny. There were what, 5 people who supported him?

The problem with that episode is the same reason why the Simpsons has gone so far downhill: the political parts were too in-your-face and preachy. Also, the show was never very partisan political before, even in the school-board election episode and the Mr Griffin goes to Washington episode. It was the completely wrong tone for the show.

What was politically in your face about it beside the Moore book and the sticker? It's not like the show has never skewered religion before, so that can't be new to you.

Also, see Stacella's comments above.

I figure so much has happened between the last season of Family Guy and its return that the writers are, in essence, playing catch-up. Plus, there might be some give-and-take between FG and AD.

Overall, though, Family Guy hasn't missed a beat.

i missed the naked greased up deaf guy. NOOOOO!!!

oh well, there's always cartoon network.

Yeah, I'm probably over-reacting. But I still think Brian's too smart to read Michael Moore, though.

They had the Evil Monkey, too!

Greased up Naked Guy? Has G.G. Allin risen from the dead?

Yeah, I'm probably over-reacting. But I still think Brian's too smart to read Michael Moore, though.

No shock here. Brian has read The Utne Reader, a liberal mag, many times in the earlier episodes.

The two best parts of the new FG: the Jughead comic bit, and when Brian said "Has turned his life upside down face." And Stewie sort of revolves his head around very slowly, with this horrified look on his face... priceless.