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Saturday Songs:
Music To Swing Sledgehammers By

The constant rain, cold and grey skies have finally gotten to me. Feeling restless, energy all pent up with no place to go, I've decided to spend the evening destroying my ear drums, or at least going through a few pencils as I drum my way across the desk or frightening my kids as I stomp my way across the living room. Oh yea. Cushions off the couch. STAGE DIVE!

Ultraspank - 5 (download)
The best band you never heard of that, unfortunately, doesn't exist anymore but was so fucking good while they lasted. Try singing this one while you're driving. Yelling "FIVE!!" in your best deep-throated heavy metal voice with the windows open will get you some stares. And you stare right back. Then bare your teeth and snarl. Maybe even let out a short growl or bark. That always shuts makes them turn their heads and pretend they never saw you.

Life of Agony - This Time (download)
Relentless. You could be in the best mood possible and not have a care in the world but when you hear this song you'll want to punch someone in the face just on principle.

Slayer - Stain of Mind (download)
Once I had this song on while I was washing the car and my neighbor came over and said "Dude, did someone piss in your Cheerios today? Don't you have any, you know, Simon and Garfunkel or something?" I knocked him unconcious, branded a pentagram on his chest with a hot needle and left him on the side of the road. Took his wallet, too.

Drowning Pool - Bodies (download)
Essential background music for playing shoot 'em up games. Especially something completely over the top like Blood.

Machine Head - Ten Ton Hammer (download)
So how do you know when you've reached middle age? When you hear yourself saying "GET OFF MY LAWN!" to the neighborhood kids. How do you know when middle age hasn't really curbed your enthusiams for kicking the shit out of people? When the snotty kid from down the block says, after you tell him to GET OFF YOUR LAWN "yea, are you gonna make me?" and you say "Like a ten ton hammer, son." And then you hog tie the kid, drop him down the sewer and tell him to wish Master Splinter a Happy Thanksgiving if he runs into him.

Shellac - Prayer to God (download)
Him - just fucking kill him, I don't care if it hurts.
Yes I do, I want it to,
fucking kill him but first
make him cry like a woman,
(no particular woman)

Gosh, I love Steve Albini.

And there you have it. Just some mellow musical musings for a Saturday night. Enjoy. Or not.

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So, how's the A-Hole effigy going?

How do you know when middle age hasn't really curbed your enthusiams for kicking the shit out of people? When the snotty kid from down the block says, after you tell him to GET OFF YOUR LAWN "yea, are you gonna make me?" and you say "Like a ten ton hammer, son."
And he points at the puppy standing alongside of you and says "You and that army?"
And you say, "Turn around, punk."
And the Yard dogs come yowling out. They're better than an over and under gun.

what's with all this loving the world schtick? I for one am sick of your optimism, your embracing of the world and all its happiness. Repent. Give yourself to the dark side. Obi Wan Michele - I am your booger.

Lemme kick his Bennifer-ass...please!
Just ship me the details.

I am no "heavy metal" fan (though I do so love Industrial) but I gave that Slayer a listen and I kind of liked it.

I owe some people an apology. Slayer is NOT atonal shitmusic - it did rumble my bowels a bit though.

Nope...still don't get it, probably never will.

I like Simon and Garfunkel. They are the philosopers of the airwaves in that they raise a lot of issues and make me think. When I trade lyrics with my significant other we often go "Hmmmm , I never thought of that".
Example, compare I Am A Rock with NO Exit...HMMMM.

Some other songs to swing sledgehammers by:

Oklahoma by Darkest Hour
Seriously, this song is so brutal it would probably be considered an incitement to violence under the Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire fighting words standard. I listen to this song after hard exams. Catharsis.

Praise the War Machine by Zao
"The death of the Omega pilots the war machine
We shall destroy the earth
Rebuild it
None shall inherit it
Blood turned into fire
Made to drink like wine
Pile up the countless corpses and on them we shall dine"

Substance by Haste the Day
Crank up the volume. The introduction just destroys you.

Oh, maybe next time I'll load up a little Zao. I'm particularly fond of "Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears."

Should have put some Dillinger Escape Plan up, too.

Hmm, never heard of Zao or Haste the Day.

Zao's newest release, "Funeral of God" is a damn fine concept CD. "Epic" would be a good adjective. Check out the music video for "The Rising End" at their website.

And, to the list, "Kill Theme for American Apeshit" by Agorophobic Nosebleed, not because its the best, but because, well, y'know.

And, hey, why not a little Atreyu? If you haven't stabbed someone after listening to thirty seconds of "Bleeding Mascara" then your music isn't loud enough.

After being informed by my kids that I would love Atreyu and that the guitarist is "mega talented" I gave them a try.

Yes and yes.


Zao and Haste the Day are Christian hardcore bands known for their Carcass-like guttural, growling vocals and heavy sound.

Zao came first, and is legendary on the hardcore scene. They have a brutal, unrelenting sound, and are known for their animated live performances. They've been around since roughly the dawn of time, and have gone through many line-up changes. They've spawned a slew of imitators and a generation of like-minded Christian hardcore bands.

Haste the Day released their first record, "Burning Bridges" sometime in 2004. They are one of the disciples of Zao, and have much the same type of vocals, but they also incorporate some cleaner vocals and melodic, softer breakdowns. Their songs are also simpler, with some admittedly repitative riffs, but it's all superbly done. "The Closest thing to Closure," and "Substance" are standout tracks.

While I'm at it, I would also recommend Mastodon and Fear Before the March of Flames. The former is a stand-out heavy metal band, and the latter a genre-bending metal-hardcore-punk-screamo-whatever band. Check out "On the Bright side she could choke" by Fear before.

Deej didn't walk down that road.

Hmm I must admit the hard core tunes took me by surprise, I didnt think you had it in you... especially the Slayer...

I've purchased all of thier albums when they released starting with the first one in '83 and I can say with authority that "Reign in Blood" is thier all time best.

For all around death metal I follow the Morbid Angel, NILE, Hate Eternal, Insission line...

For just about everyone that likes hard/stoner rock I recomend Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.

(btw: I'm a frequent reader of ASV just don't post much)

Hmm I must admit the hard core tunes took me by surprise, I didnt think you had it in you... especially the Slayer...

Seriously? This must be the 100th time I've sung the praises of Slayer and/or metal.

I have on Nile cd, which I enjoy when the mood is right.

Nile is killer.

I tried Zao and though I do dig the black metal vibe, the vocals are putting me off a bit. I'll check out Haste the Day when I'm off work.

the slayer is exactly what one would expect. I've already got it on disc anyway.
Drowning Pool is one of the heaviest I've heard lately. Good tune.
Machine Head you've uploaded before. It's a good tune, so no problem.
LoA was ok.
5 was ok.

Shellac kicked some MAJOR ass. best song you've uploaded in a while.