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The trailer is up for Romero's Land of the Dead. (here)

I'd say that's more of a teaser than a trailer, but it's still cool.

Dennis Hopper: Zombies, man. They creep me out.

I'll see it for that Hopper line alone.

Oh hell, I'll see it because it's Romero and zombies.

Basically, you have zombies taking over the world. Of course. The living build a walled city where (from what I can tell) a sort of class war exists. The zombies, who think and communicate (borders on blasphemous as far as zombie movies go, but I think it works here) are evolving and they're going to try to get into the walled city eventually. All kinds of chaos ensues.

LotD seems to be a mixture of zombie movies, social commentary and Escape from New York. It doesn't matter. It's a zombie movie. And you know how I feel about zombies.

Also coming up (maybe) for Romero is Diamond Dead: A young woman must kill 365 people with the help of a rock band that she accidentally killed and brought back to life.

The tagline is Death Rocks. It's been in production forever, I think. There's still not a cast listed. I hope this doesn't end up on a shelf. I am dying (hah) to see this one.

Anyhow, go watch the trailer for LotD.

For the zombie lovers: What's your favorite Romero zombie flick? Or zombie flick overall?


Favorite zombie? That dude holding the blue pack of cigs. Those black, soulless orbs of death are starting to drill through my brain even when my eyes are closed. Please, bring on Sweet and Savory.

Nice site... I finally found someone more opinionated than me!

It might be heresy, but I really love the newer zombie flicks. I like that zombies/animal/whatevers in 28 Days Later could run as fast as their freshly-dead muscles could carry them, and I love love LOVED the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

I never really felt comfortable with the shuffling, stiff-armed zombie. It always seemed to me, even as a kid, that if you turn as a fairly healthy human, you would still be able to use your motor functions until certain things decayed. And if I was making up zombie lore, I'd make it so that the zombie that ate the right amount of brains stayed fast and strong. Fast strong zombies are SCARY.

Dennis Hopper. He creeps me out. Especially in Rivers Edge...

I just had to be the first to say that.

the other cool zombie flick this year is going to be undead:


This has taken FOREVER to get here from down under.


this is going to be a great year for zombie movies.


A Japanese movie where the Yakuza zombies use guns.

Very cool

I had a lot of fun watching Shaun of the Dead

GAR's Dawn is still my all-time fave movie -- saw it for the first time at a midnight showing in summer 82 (I was 16) and it was the most visceral (pun semi-intended) film experience I had had to that point. In fact, I love Romero's stuff so much that I focused the first film class I taught on horror just as an excuse to show Night and Dawn. I'm so there the weekend of the 24th. Thanks for the heads-up, Michele.

Favorite Romero zombie flick - Dawn of the Dead
Favorite zombie flick - Dawn of the Dead (remake)

While I really enjoy Romero's original work, there's something far more terrifying about the remake. Either it's the fast zombies or the visceral opening minutes. I thought my heart was pounding in my throat when I first saw the movie, and I couldn't stop replaying those early pre-mall scenes over and over in my head.

I confess that I'm a wee bit nervous about watching the trailer for the new Dead movie. I've got it saved to my desktop, just waiting for me to click play... but I just can't bring myself to view it, lest I be disappointed.

Not a big zombie fan (blasphamey) but I loved, absolutely loved "Chopper Chicks from Zombie Town"