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It's Friday [updated with link whoring goodness]

Which means I've once again taken my rightful place on the Blogger's Match Game panel.

This week, I'll award points to anyone who goes over there and matches any of my answers. The points will be good for errr...something, in the future.

Go play.

Other important linkage:

Thanks to Mikey, the Gene Rayburn of the blogosphere, for having me on every week.

Enter Alex's caption contest here. It's got Spidey, Capt. America and Dr. Doom Rumsfeld!

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no need for thanks, really. i'm just trying to get in your pants.

Why didn't you just ask?

I'll play.

Man, Joan Jett has gotten old. Instead of singing "I Love Rock n' Roll," now she sings "I Love Geritol."

Bob is really taking "casual Friday" thing too far. I just saw him walking around the office in a thong and ball gag.

Weird Wanda is so weird... (How weird is she?) She's so weird, during Mardi Gras, she flashes her dick.

Daniel LaRusso was horrified to find Mr. Miyagi masturbating. Even worse, while he was doing it, he was chanting "Wax on, radio off."

You know you live in a hick area when you go outside and see your neighbor's wife up on blocks.

Extreme Bonus Match:
morning asshole

Spd, make sure you put your answers on Mike's blog, too.

Crap, nothing of my own to whore, but this is worth a listen.

Oh, and just to be clear, I'm not that Nathan. I'm much more hirsute.

Found this. Billie Jean is not this bird's lover. Features actual moonwalking bird.

If you haven't heard the new Blogger Anthem you've missed the funniest post of the week.

And for all those who have yet to see it, the Land of the Dead trailer.

not a comment or link-- I just want to find homes for the comics that have been living in my closet for about 10 years...

anybody looking for some Verotik (Verotika 1-10, 14&15, other random titles & graphic novels) or Star Wars (Dark Horse and a few old Marvel) comics?

I'm keeping the JTHM series-- I haven't totally lost my mind!

email me for a complete list...

oh... and they're all in MINT or close to mint condition, all but a few stored individually bagged/boarded

FYI - I'm in a warzone and received this comic book with my toothpaste purchase at the PX yesterday - weak.