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random camera phone picture

McDonald's, East Meadow, NY

I think I found my new tagline.


Are you a McMuffin fan Michele or do you go for something else?

I'm strictly old school - Egg McMuffin, hash brown, coffee.

Bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit all the way.

I thought you had a great potential new tagline* in your title a few posts ago: Ignore at Will.

*I will always cherish this special time I've had in the header banner (even though my arm's getting tired). No one can take it away from me.

It's all about the BECB's.

"I'd hit it".


Sausage McMuffin with Egg right here. I won't touch a McGriddle...or that monstrosity that Burger King now has.

If I'm really hung over or really low on cholesterol, I go with a Steak Egg and cheese bagel meal. Otherwise I Llike to double up on the Egg McMuffin with a Hash brown and a coffee.

How I've managed to not become morbidly obese is still a mystery.

Both of my pregnancies, I've craved Egg McMuffins like they were crack. I honestly think they are...

Gotta be sausage - bacon's too thin, so on a bacon sandwich the ratio of healthy-ish food to mega-unhealthy is too high. Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit gives you the extra fat and cholesterol you need to get through the day!

I think I found my new tagline.

Sweet and savory? Hmm.

I'll buy it, but only if you add a disclaimer to the effect of "both adjectives may go out the window at any time without prior notice if somebody does something to piss me off".

I'll have to pass that on to my wife who still continues with "I'm spicy" (said in annoying high pitch). She needs a new tagline desperately and I rather like this one, too.


That's hilarious, Michelle :)

I love the McGriddle. In a non-sexual way.