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portraits of amusement

[Taken with a Nikon 5700]

Click the thumbnails for large versions, but be forewarned that they are, indeed, large - 1000px wide. I'm really happy with the way these photos came out (and they do reflect more of what I want to do with my camera and any future photoblog I might have) and I felt that the larger size just looked better.

[pictures in extended entry]

Adventureland Amusement Park, Farmingdale, NY


Beautiful pics Michele, I like the composition and content (but, not to be too critical, they seem to have a little blue cast). I had to look up the Nikon 5700, it says: "Owners of the Nikon Coolpix 5700 frequently complain about the camera's overly-complex controls and precipitous learning curve." After looking at your pics, I safely assume you precipitated the learning curve without incident.

Michele the one with the kids on the ride and the feet in various stages of undress is excellent. Really top-notch composition.

Very cool. Love the content. I always do mine big.

Nice shots of the Top Scan! I feel like I should send the amusement enthusiasts your way. On second thought, they are complete dorks and will analyze your photos closely guessing at the manufacturers, until the ones who visit Adventureland on a regular basis will tell them all what's what, and that Moser is now part of Soriani-Moser, and that Zamperla probably did the balloon ride, and that there are only two permanently mounted Top Scans on this continent, and one touring one, and it's made by Mondial, and...

You've got a great eye, Nathan. Love your b&w photos, especially.

The feet one is my favourite too. All f them seem nicely composed to me.

I myself have got to look over the manual/instructions for our digital camera--I can't find the aperature settings, I can't figure out how to correct my white balance. All I can do for the moment is point and shoot and zoom.

Awesome pics.

I don't know if anyone else has this happening, but the firewall where I work has kicked in on your site now due to the loading size of the page as you add more and more high meg content. Basically it's a matter of not being able to read you at work anymore.

...Farmingdale, LI...
Should I?
Can you not?

(bails out...)

Thanks. My little bro, he school me. I've always been the best at everything, and then he has to go and show me up... It does encourage good-natured competition for our mother's praise though.

wow, those are great pics. well, except for the one with the clown... clowns are freaky.

The company Soriani & Moser no long exists. Both the Moser brothers and Soriani brothers have split. The Soriani & Moser partnership were amoungst brother-in-laws. The Soriani brothers are still manufacturing Soriani & Moser rides, but they are marketed under the Zamperla name. Moser was the marketing part of Soriani & Moser. The Soriani factory is located in the same plant as the former Soriani & Moser factory. The factory can be found in Malara, Italy.

The Moser brothers are under the company as Moser Rides. They have rights to some of the former Soriani & Moser rides. The Moser Rides factory can be found in Ostiglia, Italy. That is about an hour driving distance from the Soriani & Moser plant.

The travelling Mondial Top Scan belongs to Cumberland Valley Shows out of Lebanon, Tennessee. Their model is themed as the Space Roller. The CVS Space Roller was purchased from a funfair in Germany.

For a great amount of information regarding Carnival and Park industry, visit Matt's Carnival Warehouse at: http://www.carnivalwarehouse.com

Thanks for the info, Gary. My daughter is fascinated with this stuff.