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random camera phone picture

Nassau Coliseum parking lot, Uniondale, NY

Nothing like the setting up of a giant fair to make you feel, once again, as if spring is being rushed into summer.


How many other drivers flipped you off while you snapped that?

Too bad they're not playing hockey there right now.

[Inhales] Ahh, the hearty, spicy smell of carnies and their unpacked sundries.

You're right - summer's coming.

Random comment (no picture) ...

My (5 y/o) daughter asked my hubby the other if he wooed me into marriage by catching me "a delicious bass."

Always got a kick out of our County Fair. I think maybe there is 1 or 2 farms left in Nassau?

Of all the rides at the fair, the Ferris Wheel has to be the most lame: a lot of waiting while people get their seats, a few times around and then good-bye.

Thanks; it been far too many years since I've been out in that neck of the woods.

My ol' stomping grounds.

No, I am not tearing up !

(its pollen... sniff)