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in which i tell you a ridiculous fact about myself

[Wouldn't hurt you to share one yourself, you know]

In 10th grade, I had the cover to Yes's "Fragile" painted on the back of my denim jacket.

[inspired by Marc, who wants to live in a prog rock album cover world. Don't we all?]

Update: Matt thinks Marc should be on this album cover, but that eschews the whole prog rock thing. Hell, it eschews both rock AND taste. But that's the point isn't it? I'm kind of seeing Matt living in this world:

(below, nsfw, maybe. or at least people who startle easy)

You knew that was coming, didn't you?


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Ah yes, Roger Dean's "Earth and Hang-glider #23". I prefer "Snake-Filled Ice Cavern #21" (Relayer), "Hey! There's No Ocean Here!" (Tales From Topographic Oceans) or "A Bunch of Disconnected, Acid-Fueled Watercolors" (Yessongs triple live album).

My previous denim jacket was even worse:

Michele, no wonder you are an athiest. Your parents obviously didn't put you on a tight enough leash as a child. I can't believe they would let you wear stuff like that.

My very first concert, at the tender age of 11, was Yes on their Big Generator tour.

All this talk about Yes and prog rock makes it more cosmically coincidental than ridiculous. No, no, ridiculous is when, at this very same concert, I blurted out, "That tobacco sure does smell funny!"

To be young and naive again...

I sat front and center for a Phish concert at MSG in high school. Blasphemous for a heavy metal fan, but hey, it was to get some action...(damn smelly hippies)

and I had Def Leppard's Hysteria patch on the back of my denim. No regrets on that one though.

I had a bulls eye painted on the back of my trench coat.


you will like this;


What are you hoping to hear from President Bush this evening?

I had a Def Leppard muscle shirt...

I was young.

I was too nerdy for a denim jacket. We did, however, wear matching silk jackets with our band name on the back while playing "Comfortably Numb." :)

You wanted ridiculous.

When I was 17, I went to a New Kids on the Block concert just so I could stay in the amusement park a few hours longer.

And on the way home, we stopped at a truck stop to use the facilities and they were there eating. While a horde of 12 year-olds simpered in the snack-shop, I played pinball with Donnie Wahlberg.

I put pennies in my penny loafers. Everyone did. I don't know why that part of it embarrasses me now. That I wore penny loafers should be embarrassment enough.

I once went to a Rick Springfield concert, just to be surrounded by 16,000 hot and bothered girls/women. Interestingly enough, he puts on a pretty good live show.

I once went to a Bon Jovi concert very similar to the Rick Springfield concert Slartibartfast descibes.

Sorry, "describes". I must have been flustered by the memory.

I used a patch of the Rolling Stones' tongue on my suede jacket to cover a hole...not sure how the hole started out, probably from lit seeds popping out of a pipe.

Holy Shit!!! I'm not within 70 pounds of living in that world. Think Paul Simonon or maybe Lyle Lovett.

Not Safe For Work? Try Not Safe For Anywhere.

I once wore my old Jean jacket with a Led Zep "Swan Song" patch on its back to a Bangles concert.

Not sure if that's pathetic/lame or not.....just sharing.

I had Vince Neil painted on my demin jacket and I had black leather fringe Bon Jovi type jacket (still own it- shhh).

yeah.. so I had an INSANELY huge slayer painting on my denim...

with a freakin crue patch on the front..

I was such a confused child....

ok, I don't tell everyone this (or at least not people whose respect I covet) but the first concert I went to was a Bay City Rollers/Shaun Cassidy Plaidapalooza at Boston Garden in December of 1977.

There were more people involved in the concert (Andy Gibb, England Dan & John Ford Coley and the James Montgomery Blues Band) ... it was an 8 hour thing hosted by WRKO, a local radio station ... of course, all I remember is being torn because I was in love with both the Bay City Rollers and Shaun Cassidy and that was just wrong!

Not that I don't covet your respect but after you shared your bits I felt it was my duty to share mine ...

In 9th grade I tried to iron on the Chicago Cardinal transfer to the back of my Toughskin™ Jacket and almost melted both. Luckily that got me a real Levis jacket...which my gf's friend Natalie embroidered the Cardinal onto my Jacket for me.

I haven't thought of that in years...thanks...

I had the Yes logo the full width of my denim jacket.

I feel no shame.

Mind you I'm in no hurry to repeat it.

Wouldn't mind a t-shirt though.

I acceeded to a girlfriend's wishes and allowed her airbrushed unicorn bedsheet to be used as my bed covering. At least while we were dating.

On a not-unrelated topic, "Sign of the Hummer" is a pretty cool song title. Oh wait...

I once screamed Donny is a "f" * "a" * "g" * "g" * "o" * "t" at a NKOTB concert without the slightest shred of irony (what is this offensive content shtick - can't I say Donny anymore?)(or reamed?)

email me what you were trying to write so I can see if anything got into the blacklist by mistake.

Catalano has to pimpslap my band again? Look, I'm not going to justify the album cover -- I realize Andrew Sullivan probably has that cover blown up and framed in his den. I just listen to the music, I swear.

Oh, and Playgirl has some good articles, you should all check it out.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check out a show on Bravo.

Did I say Bravo? I meant ESPN.


denim jacket with a Led Zeppelin logo.

I looked like a dork.

A rock dork.

In senior year I had two different album covers painted on the inside door panels of my VW bug. The headliner was a tapestry. It was quite the cool car! Peace man.

You remind me so much of one of my classmates that it should be illegal, michelle.